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I don't actually like the NedaNet name, and we're going to be changing it soon, since there's an American company with the name already. If I had to say our principal belief, it'd be something like "working to keep communication open, secure, and anonymous", or something like that.

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Full disclosure: Haystack is not a NedaNet project. There are a lot of differences in how NedaNet and Media Access International (the organization behind Haystack) handle their projects, based on different opinions and philosophies when it comes to keeping the communication open and secure. --emsenn, project coordinator, NedaNet (http://emsenn.com)

Submission + - PIM?

emsenn writes: "I'm looking for a PIM (personal information manager). Unfortunately, I've got a few rather specific needs:

- Calendar
- Nested notes
- Full text search
- Crossplatform between Linux and Windows OR online based (the ability to run it on my own server is a plus
- Must not require a server backend

- Wiki-style markup
- Open source
- Portable data files or simple import/export.

Cool but superfluous:
- Embedded images (and mp3s possibly?)
- Linking to open files/urls (program launcher similar to what's in BasKet?)

If anyone has any suggestions that fill some or most (I'm realistic, I know I won't find anything that fills them all) of those needs, please make it! The intended use of the software is for a calendar/todo/address book and general notetaking. Right now I use google calendar for a calendar, and my cell phone for an address book, and an increasingly long plaintext file for notes, and I'd like to combine some of them."

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