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Comment: Re:Hysteria! (Score 1) 696

by empties (#43707957) Attached to: "Dramatic Decline" Warning For Plants and Animals
The problem with "Global Warming" is the marketing the term itself carries. It sounds so nice and cuddly: "Won't it be great to sunbathe in Antarctica once those pesky penguins are gone?" Also science denying dolts point to every unseasonably cool breeze (or, blizzards in April) as proof "warming" doesn't exist. But speaking of marketing, perhaps the science deniers should start to call themselves "Carbon Freedom Fighters!"

Comment: Re:it's at a dead end (Score 2, Funny) 314

by empties (#43676859) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Becoming a Programmer At 40?
The legit question is: will I be able to continue to learn faster than a programming robot will advance and eventually replace me? The truth is that the programming robot will learn at an exponential rate, so there will likely be little difference between having 2 years of experience or 20 by the time the robot surpasses your ability. Perhaps the 20-year-programmer will have an extra day or two to try and hack into the robot, and likely that extra experience will help with that goal. But all programmers will eventually be replaced by the robot. Then, at long last, the hardware engineers can again gloat.

Comment: Re:Should Virginia settle with a "take back" offer (Score 1) 182

by empties (#43059657) Attached to: Cisco Looking To Make Things Right With West Virginia
Is it always the fault of the business partner? If only there was a recent precedent which shows that Cisco not only charges a premium, but an absurd premium, which can be on the back of the American tax payer. Of course there is such evidence. Fortunately the CSU system did their homework and saved $100 million and didn't get Ciscoed. (Apart from San Jose State, which clearly isn't known for its business school.)

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