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Comment: Re:Stress relief (Score 2) 529

by emorning (#46494287) Attached to: Religion Is Good For Your Brain
As someone that has had problems with depression and anxiety I want to say that this is extremely bad advice, and it bothers me that it's tagged as insightful .

For one, alcohol disrupts your sleep and good sleep is extremely important.
Sex is beneficial but only in the context of a healthy relationship.

Please don't try to simply mask your symptoms, see a doctor and get proper meds for the short term and therapy for the long term.

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by emorning (#46494173) Attached to: Religion Is Good For Your Brain
Exactly this. I'm a 'devote' atheist but I went to a catholic high school. I've read the entire Bible and had four years of religion class. I even signed up for pre-seminary training while in high school. Here's what I learned from the Catholic brothers and nuns at my school... lesson number one, THE most important thing about a church, is that it's about building and serving the COMMUNITY, actual religious beliefs are secondary.

Atheists need to understand this, and I would like to see atheist 'churches' that fulfill this important human need.

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by emorning (#46147377) Attached to: Eclipse Foundation Celebrates 10 Years
One of the most awesome things that the Eclipse people did was switch to a foundation built on OSGi after the first version. Eclipse is a showcase that showcase the power of a modular component framework.
Sun really screwed up by failing to adopt OSGi for Java's module system.

When I think of the best technologies available to the average Java developer like myself I rank the JVM first and OSGi second.

With setup boxes now set to become ubiquitous, I want a box that integrates some OSGi-like framework that will enable me to integrate all the devices in my house.

Comment: The Gun Rights Argument (Score 1) 240

I'm not a big supporter of gun rights here in the US but it just occurred to me that now I understand the argument that 'only people that have guns will be the criminals'.

In this case, the only people with rootkits installed on their machines will be the law abiding citizens.

PS: I assume they'll also make it illegal to remove a rootkit, so people that just care about their privacy instantly become criminals too.

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Well, 'we' did not bail them out, our 'duly elected' politicians bailed them out.

...that are heavily dependent on campaign contributions from the companies needing the bailing out, and
...that have close personal ties to the executives from said companies, and in some cases used to run said companies

Some rules that remove the responsibility for responsible decision making from our so-called leaders would be a good thing.

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I'm an American, and I worked factory jobs before, during, and AFTER getting a BS in physics.
Those jobs...
1) Gave me the motivation to finish school and keep looking for a better job.
2) Eventually helped me get a job because potential employers saw that I had good work ethic and knew how to show up and work every day.
3) Paid the bills.

I wouldn't hire someone that sat on their ass after getting out of school.

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by emorning (#42636343) Attached to: JSTOR an Entitlement For US DoJ's Ortiz & Holder

People however, *do* normally drown when their feet are cast in concrete.

No they dont.
You have to also toss them into water that's deep enough to drown them.

Ortiz was aware that Swartz suffered from depression and pursued outrageously exaggerated charges against him anyway.
She essentially knew he was wearing concrete shoes and tossed him overboard anyway...

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I assemble my own home machines. I spend a little extra money on low noise hard drives and CPU fans. I use nightstands from IKea for the case. I line the inside with foil tape and I leave the back panel off. Leaving the back off gives the case *plenty* of ventilation and stays very cool. I mount all the components to the side and bottom of the case with industrial velcro. The velcro sucks up *all* vibration*. Using low noise components means I can hardly hear the machine when its on it even though the back of the case is open. If there is any other background noise at all I cannot detect if the machine is on.

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Romney just won when he mentioned the president's delayed reaction to an act of terror.

Who in their right mind would vote for Obama again?

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were delayed reactions to an act of terror. At least Obama's reactions dont cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.

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