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Comment Re:Wrong paradigm here (Score 1) 187

As a matter of fact, on my local network, I have no problem leaving inbound connections open as well, because firewalling is provided by my router. When you look at early litterature, a firewall was at first a network configuration, not an application or a kernel module.

Comment Re:The days of innocence have ended (Score 1) 187

If you run applications that are included with your distribution, it is pretty safe to assume that they don't have to be blocked. If you run third-party applications, you will probably want to allow them to do their job and let them open wathever outbound connection they want to. Most user will allow anything anyway. Most people don't know enough to be able to decide what to permit.

Comment APPLE ARE GODS, WORSHIP THEM (Score 1) 1184

First Apple product was the Apple computer. They built a better KIM-1 or a cheaper Altair. Next the built the Apple II. Big innovation (from Jobs) was the plastic case. Now they sue someone else for round corners. Yes, the Apple Reality Distortion Field is still working. By the way, I love Woz, he was the real guy.

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