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Comment: Programmer Cubicle Alternative (Score 5, Funny) 407

by emmjayell (#48167931) Attached to: As Prison Population Sinks, Jails Are a Steal

Good for the programmers. 8x10 cubicle with it's own bathroom. Wired for high speed cablemodem. Has a door that closes so nobody can sneak up behind you while you are working.
Good for the managers. Control smoke breaks and general working hours from a master control system. Video surveillance is taken to a whole new level.

Comment: Re:You think in words (Score 1) 876

by emmjayell (#46198463) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are We Still Writing Text-Based Code?

I do agree - we need language to think about things. Similarly, we use the language of physics math to describe and understand things more precisely. If we don't have the language to think about it, it becomes difficult to describe.

Personally, I've found that it's a combination of drawing and words to most effectively communicate a concept.

Comment: It depends on the value of the compiled code (Score 1) 249

by emmjayell (#45855683) Attached to: Do Non-Technical Managers Add Value?

Most of the software failures that I've witnessed are the result of either

1) Poor quality - eg Lots of code, bad / undefined interactions between the components. Usually results in loss of data
2) Poor user experience - software performs complicated task well, users aren't able to adapt to using the capabilities
3) Misunderstanding of the problem solving opportunity - System solves the problem as designed, however rather than automating an old stupid process to take less time, the old stupid process could be re-engineered to bring added value (generate revenue, save lives, retain employees, etc) to the organization

Fixing the first requires someone that is technical, but not necessarily that technical.
Fixing the Last requires someone that understands the business. They probably aren't technical.
Fixing the Middle requires someone that understand user experience, often an engineer with some empathy, or a business person that is technical.

Good technology requires both technical and non technical contributions for success. That combination is rarer than you would think.

+ - What is the latest and greatest web development framework? 2

Submitted by emmjayell
emmjayell (780191) writes "So I haven't done much development over the past couple of years. I've been preoccupied with management, life and other hobbies. I'm experienced in C, C++, SQL, Java, Grails, RoR and some other things to a lesser extent. I enjoyed using RoR and Grails for building logic driven sites. So my question is, has anything better, new / improved hit the streets or should I just take a look at what is currently happening with Grails/RoR and use one of them? Any suggestions?"

Comment: Chicken or Egg? (Score 5, Interesting) 1591

by emmjayell (#42602055) Attached to: New York Passes Landmark Gun Law

Since this is slashdot - let's talk about the new tech systems:

So will mental health professionals be required to do a check against gun owner databases? Will a mental illness database need to be created so that potential gun buyers can be screened at purchase time? How about house-holding - if someone in the same residence is a registered gun owner, will they be forced to surrender their weapons?

Comment: File an FCC Complaint (Score 1) 562

by emmjayell (#41979083) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: AT&T's Data Usage Definition Proprietary?

If you live in the US (the posting implies that you do) and you can't resolve the issue with AT&T, then I would file a FCC Complaint.

You can even file the complaint online.

That said, 20%, is not a huge difference - is it worth fighting over?

Remember when people used to be concerned that when buying a 10 Gig hard drive, it wasn't really 10 Gigabytes?

(I hope you weren't expecting me to make your decision for you.)

Comment: You Suck, the New Person Doesn't (Score 1) 290

by emmjayell (#39196135) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Leaving an IT Admin Position?

Pretty much, no matter what you do, even if you build a wiki, have everything amazingly documented, and are in the top 10% of all shops in terms of best practices, the new person will find reasons to find fault with what you have done. Servers will be rebuilt, upgrades will happen, etc. A year from now, things will either be better off than when you were running them or worse off, but the reality is that re-use just doesn't happen enough in our industry. So if re-use isn't happening, then it's really just up to the quality of the individual.

Comment: Re:That is the thing (Score 1) 947

by emmjayell (#35034700) Attached to: Teachers Back Away From Evolution In Class

I'm not sure at what age I learned that when I put my baby bottle down that it wouldn't mysteriously float in the air, but I suspect that I wasn't educated on gravity, but in fact learned of the existence of gravity through observation and tests.

Outside of perhaps the favorable mutation's of bacteria to become antibiotic resistant, I don't have a significant opportunity to observe and test evolution.

I find it bizarre how emotional both sides of the evolutionary debate get. Either take the time to do real science or go watch TV.

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