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Comment xterm vs. gnome-terminal (Score 2) 352

xterm brags that they have the most faithful emulation of the DEC vt100/220/320/420/520 state machines of any implementation on the market.

In summary, none of the other terminal emulators emulates "most" of xterm. Instead, they implement the most commonly-used control sequences, and there are differences between them.

I have Cygwin on my office Windows PC, and when I have to work with a VAX or otherwise use a complete and faithful terminal emulation, I use xterm.

If xterm had tabs, I would never use anything else. Since it doesn't, I use gnome-terminal under Cygwin. The xterm maintainer has interesting things to say about gnome-terminal:

A more recent GNOME Terminal uses the VTE widget. I observed version in late 2001, which mentioned it in the credits (although VTE 0.1's ChangeLog mentions no date before February 2002). It does not implement a complete vt102: it was missing several features which can be demonstrated in vttest)...

...so I use gnome-terminal under Windows for most everything, except when I need extremely high-fidelity.

p.s. I will say that our production floor relies on the Reflections commercial telnet client. They like the old version so much that I had to wrap it in stunnel - there were too many objections to the new(er) ssh versions. I really don't like Reflections myself.

Comment LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Score 1) 45

Can someone please explain to me why LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not point first to a /data/lib directory, where an app-store had a chance of patching a flaw in /system?

I am updating vlcplayer at least once every three months - why did Google decide to carve the stagefright libraries into /system stone with no hope of updating?

At least this bug does not impact me - I rooted and torched stock because of the SOP bug, and Chrome just on principle.

Comment You obviously don't work for Sony. (Score 1) 291

The job of security is to fully understand the risk, penalty, and consequence of system compromises, and then to suggest the proper tools to manage this risk.

Some people work with data that involves enormous consequences should it be compromised. These people are likely not on Linux if they understand the issues properly.

Comment bsd.mp and Linux 2.2 (Score 1) 291

While bsd.mp arrived just in the nick of time as multi-core came on the scene, the architecture strongly resembles Linux 2.2 with one large kernel lock, forcing kernel code to run on only one CPU core at a time.

Linux moved to much finer-grained locks, that allow non-conflicting segments of kernel code to run on several processors at once. While most commercial UNIX has done the same, there is no question that one great big kernel lock is more secure.

OpenBSD is very slowly allowing safe calls out of the kernel lock, and they do value security over performance, so hopefully their userspace will remain very safe.

For those who want to harden Linux, perhaps the 2.2 branch should be revived.

Comment 3B2, porting (Score 1) 153

I am going to bet you that the 3B2 was that primary computer architecture for cfront.

However, it does appear that cfront was extremely portable:

As Cfront was written in C++, it was a challenge to bootstrap on a machine without a C++ compiler/translator. Along with the Cfront C++ sources, a special "half-preprocessed" version of the C code resulting from compiling Cfront with itself was also provided. This C code was to be compiled with the native C compiler, and the resulting executable could then be used to compile the Cfront C++ sources.

Comment Poorly? Not so. (Score 1, Interesting) 130

I have something like the following inittab fragment that I built on my production servers:


These shell scripts mostly set a number of environment variables, then exec a runas.c program that I wrote that knocks the privilege down from root. After privilege is dropped, my runas program calls exec() on the *real* program that I want init to respawn.

This works, but it's a big pile of duct tape and bailing wire. I'm not proud of it.

I can get rid of all of that stuff with systemd, and launch it correctly:

$ cat /etc/systemd/system/broker.service
Environment=ORACLE_SID=mydb ORACLE_HOME=/home/oracle

I realize that people don't like the dbus integration, the replacement of su with systemctl shell, and many other complaints. However, this code has been carefully designed, it's reliable, and it gives me the ability to throw away a lot of my ugly glue. Call me heretic, but yes, I like it.

Comment Here is what works. (Score 1) 310

Crushed garlic. Eat it raw.

A small (146 healthy adults) double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that a daily supplement containing purified allicin, had dramatic results by reducing the risk of catching a cold by 64%, the symptom duration was reduced by 70% and those in the treatment group were much less likely to develop more than one cold.

Allicin has antiviral activity both in vitro and in vivo. Among the viruses susceptible to allicin are Herpes simplex type 1 and 2, Parainfluenza virus type 3, human Cytomegalovirus, Influenza B, Vaccinia virus, Vesicular stomatitis virus and Human rhinovirus type 2.

Allicin has been found to have numerous antimicrobial properties, and has been studied in relation to both its effects and its biochemical interactions. One potential application is in the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an increasingly prevalent concern in hospitals. A screening of allicin against 30 strains of MRSA found high level of antimicrobial activity, including against strains that are resistant to other chemical agents. Of the strains tested, 88% had minimum inhibitory concentrations for allicin liquids of 16 mg/L, and all strains were inhibited at 32 mg/L. Furthermore, 88% of clinical isolates had minimum bactericidal concentrations of 128 mg/L, and all were killed at 256 mg/L. Of these strains, 82% showed intermediate or full resistance to mupirocin. This same study examined use of an aqueous cream of allicin, and found it somewhat less effective than allicin liquid. At 500 mg/L, however, the cream was still active against all the organisms tested—which compares well with the 20 g/L mupirocin currently used for topical application.

Comment Violence inflicted by Americans (Score 1) 253

The difference is that you seem to think that the US is "exceptionally" bad and has had an exceptionally evil influence and impact on the world.

While good and evil are subjective terms, there is no doubt that the United States is the most violent nation on earth. When you consider that 90% of the indigenous peoples of the Americas died out as a consequence of European incursion, follow through the million dead of the U.S. civil war, then culminate in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there is no doubt that we have earned this status.

Perhaps it is necessary to inflict violence on the world, and perhaps not. I would prefer a more congenial nation, but life is rarely about what we want.

Comment move to an MVNO, root, trash their apps (Score 1) 123

I need access to Verizon towers because it is the only signal that I can get at work.

I first signed up with Page Plus Cellular, then moved to Tracfone after the America Movil buyout. I finally upgraded to a 4g device six months ago.

I can't run cyanogenmod because of Verizon's fascist bootloader locking. I do run an alternate touchwiz rom, and I have purged everything from it that mentioned Verizon.

And when Verzion shows up in my Facebook feed, I ask them why they lock their bootloaders and FORCE their users to run exploitable software, reminding them that Cyanogenmod nightlies has fixes, but Verizon doesn't and never will. It's also useful to speculate on a class action lawsuit after their userbase is owned.

Comment Insignia (Score 1) 283

Best Buy sells a $60 atom tablet with Windows 8 on cowboom.com. I have a similar next book tablet. This is essentially a stripped down PC. I've been able to boot into the bios, and it would likely run Linux if you were willing to work for it. The CPU is 64-bit capable, but OS is 32-bit as there is only 1gb of ram which is non-expandable. All win32 apps seem to work well. This is surely better than an iOS device.

Comment Removing Microsoft's spyware. (Score 1) 426

Remove these patches. Disable the "recommended"patches in Windows update. Run another update, and if any of these return, set them to ignore.

KB 3035583 (primary nagware for Windows 10)

KB 2952664
KB 2976978
KB 2990214 (Windows 10 upgrade)
KB 3021917 (Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program)
KB 3022345
KB 3035583
KB 3044374 (Windows 10 upgrade)
KB 3068708 (update for CEIP and telemetry)
KB 3075249 (telemetry)
KB 3080149 (update for CEIP and telemetry)

Comment Sorted list (Score 1) 318

KB 3035583 (primary nagware for Windows 10)

KB 2952664
KB 2990214 (Windows 10 upgrade)
KB 3021917 (Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program)
KB 3022345
KB 3044374 (Windows 10 upgrade)
KB 3068708 (update for CEIP and telemetry)
KB 3075249 (telemetry)
KB 3080149 (update for CEIP and telemetry)

Comment Re:Remove KB 2952664 and what else? (Score 2) 394

Where should we put this?

What would happen if we put this on the main wiki for Windows 7?

KB 2952664 (telemetry)
KB 2990114 (telemetry)
KB 3021917 (Customer Experience Improvement Program)
KB 3022345 (telemetry)
KB 3035583 (nagware for Windows 10)
KB 3068708 (telemetry)
KB 3075249 (telemetry)
KB 3080149 (CEIP and telemetry)

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.