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Comment I do not agree. (Score 1) 160

What is to stop an application from opening a socket to a trojan server, downloading a binary, writing it, chmod 700, then executing it?

Google might not recognize that malware for what it is until far, far too late.

And since the majority of Android devices are vulnerable to towelroot, that binary owns the phone.

A mass install of a popular app with such stealth malware could see thousands upon thousands of phones suddenly compromised, and there is nothing that Google can do.

Comment Popularity to who? (Score 1) 122

Oracle is popular with mission-critical enterprises, who have LARGE checkbooks, HUGE transaction volumes, and cannot afford ONE MINUTE of downtime.

This is not, and has never been, Microsoft's target market.

No one has attempted in quite some time to seriously challenge Oracle in massive transaction volumes.

You will notice that Oracle's top score is on SPARC, and is from nearly three years ago. There is no significant challenge to them on TPC-C.

Comment VM versus nspawn/Docker or Solaris Zones (Score 1) 122

You can easily run create as many ORACLE_SIDs as you want in one ORACLE_HOME. Just export the environment variable for a new SID, login to sqlplus, CREATE DATABASE, then run CATALOG.SQL and CATPROC.SQL.

The problem with multiple ORACLE_SIDs is precisely the problem with VMs: the kernel is duplicated within each instance, which is a waste of RAM and storage.

I don't have enough instances to justify the new multitenant, but the idea behind it is the same as nspawn/Docker or Solaris Zones. There is only one kernel, and one set of OS binaries. Containers are rolled into the OS, which means that you can fit more "userland" on the system because you are only running one "kernel."

IDK if Microsoft has been doing this. Kudos if they have.

Comment Re:Fix bootlocked Kitkat? (Score 1) 126

I do agree, it was a mistake. I bought the phone because Cyanogenmod's website said that it was compatible, and I didn't thoroughly research it. I'm now running Alliance, and pondering a hardware service that can unlock the bootloader for $80.

I need Verizon because we have repeaters for it at work. I hate those people, and I'm on an mvno.

Comment Spice 2g6 (Score 2) 62

The Spice electrical circuit simulation software was developed in FORTRAN on several platforms (including VAX VMS) in the 1970s. I managed to compile it for Linux and Windows years ago, and I host the source and binaries on a laptop in my basement.

This specific version is in many circuits textbooks - newer versions are not compatible with the syntax of this release. I see a fair amount of traffic for it. I should probably spend some time on a nicer HTML5 download page.

Comment Fix bootlocked Kitkat? (Score 1) 126

I'd like to fix my mediaserver and stagefright. I'd run Cyanogenmod, but Verzion prevents me from using an unsigned kernel.

If I follow these instructions for my Samsung phone, can I pull the mediaserver and stagefright libraries out of the resulting .zip and load them in place of the existing binaries, can I have a running system that closes the exploits? I can likely use the nm utility on the resulting .so and check that all the symbols in the old libraries exist in the new.

The build process appears to pull from both aosp and cyanogenmod, and I understand that aosp Kitkat has been retroactively patched.

Comment North Korea, thorium (Score 1) 98

The wiki says that North Korea generates all of their weapons plutonium from this design, but unfortunately not go into any detail on how the plutonium is removed and purified.

I had never heard of Magnox before - it's quite interesting that non-enriched, direct ore uranium can be used as fuel. I had imagined that only a liquid salt thorium reactor could accomplish this, but it does appear that fuel reprocessing costs for Magnox are much higher.

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