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Comment Re:Begun (Score 2) 180

Water pistols are insufficient, maybe water cannons ... Although I am now seeing a true purpose of those powerful green lasers the morons are always shining at aircraft. A nice green laser built into a rifle configuration with a powerful scope. Burning out the optics of any threatening drones seems like a reasonable defense.

Comment VM's (Score 1) 350

"how much RAM you need for regular desktop computing"

The word "regular" is probably the key. I have 32 gig of ram in my home machine because I like to spin up multiple VM's and leave them running. Windows will happily gobble up 2 gig of your ram, and if it's 32bit windows you really only have 3.5 gig to access. So that leaves your typical user with ~1.5 gig of ram for programs. Probably fine for "regular" computing but woefully inadequate for any serious use of a pc.

Comment Re:No Trust (Score 2) 172

Attempting to download software from SF is such a disgusting process, it's similar to negotiating with a car salesman. You will be taken advantage of at every opportunity, and if you don't have your guard up at all times you will be hurt. I'm forever done with SF. I nearly exclusively use Chrome as my browser of choice so 2 browser plugins make sure I never visit that site again. "Personal Blocklist (by Google)" will makes sure that no SF results get returned in a Google search, and "Block site" will make sure that I cant navigate there by manually typing in a url.

Comment Re:A costly analysis (Score 5, Insightful) 233

Why do you give a flying **** what the NSA are doing with your data?

Because government entities are being used to punish those of differing political beliefs than those in power. It will only get worse, and it matters not what "side" the current rulers are. The current administrations favorite punishment tool seems to be the IRS. Can't wait to find out how bad it gets with the next administration.

Comment Re:Outdated Equipment (Score 1) 254

... old 13 or 14" NEC tube monitor

HA! I read the article thinking about such monumental waste of taxpayer money, but after I saw the old 50lb crt I felt empathy for their technology rage. I enjoy a good smashing of cheap electronic crap as much as the next guy.

Comment Re:what gets me... (Score 1) 262

It is with great shame and humiliation I confess that I approved of the Patriot Act when it was first passed. I distinctly remember telling a friend of mine that I could care less if the government wanted to listen to each and every one of my phone calls, because I had nothing to hide. How embarrassing.

Emotions get the best of everyone, politicians know this better than anyone, that is why it had such great initial public support. Who was it who said "never let a crisis go to waste"? This foul tactic works quite well unfortunately.

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