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Comment: Re:Poor Apple (Score 1, Troll) 191 191

i know right? i totally don't care that Google uses every "key word" of every gmail message i send to enable advertisers to better market their crap to me. i further couldn't care less that Google stores each message forever even after i tell them to delete it. There's no way that could possibly come back to haunt me. They do no evil, so I trust them! just like i trust every big company whose business model depends on the content my personal emails and searches.

Comment: Re: but it looks like b00bs! (Score 2) 343 343

Growing up nearby (Dana Point) the plant was affectionately known as the Dolly Parton museum. I imagine kids today have a more modern and equally inappropriate name. I for one will be sorry to see such a beautiful landmark be torn down. It will certainly make future vacations to the Grand Tetons mountains more poignant. --El

Comment: Re:To the Moon, eh? (Score 5, Funny) 131 131


The moon, eh? This will be important when we get around to mining the moon into a block of Swiss cheese for whatever mineral riches it possesses. I predict China will be the first, and we Americans will follow soon after they have opened the door.

cheese is not at all popular in China. i predict the French will pioneer this mining effort, or maybe the Swiss... not sure.

Comment: Re:How do you claim the prize? (Score 1) 291 291

Seems to me that the creator of that site is shortsighted in how he or she confirms who the assassin is. Namely, that the assassin has to be able to specify the date of death prior to the death.

in other words this could be seen as an office pool (with no actual buy-in): guess when controversial government official X is assassinated!

Frankly, Sanjuro is either a nutcase, or a honeypot. In either case, it would be best to avoid him.

so you think that paying money (under real or false pretenses) to have someone killed is something to be avoided? your wisdom is inspiring.

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