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Comment: No story here. (Score 1) 571

by eli867 (#33206374) Attached to: Senate Approves the ______Act Of____

It's went through several revisions as amendments were added and taken away. You're looking at a placeholder title that the house bill had at one point in time.

The final bill is called the "Aviation Safety and Investment Act of 2010"

It's not a secret. You can read the full text here:

Comment: Talk to legal (Score 1) 1006

by eli867 (#30089138) Attached to: Software Piracy At the Workplace?

If the boss won't listen, perhaps you're talking to the wrong person. This company have a legal department? Talk to them and point out the potentially cripplingly liability that the company is subjecting itself to by using pirated software.

I'd start looking for a new job, regardless. The kind of company that is fine with cutting some illegal corners to get the job done is not a good place to work.

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