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Comment Re:It's becoming less relevant anyways (Score 1) 277 277

I was trying to correct OP's assumption that you can publish the same paper in two separate journals, one traditional and one open-access, which of course you can't.

"of course you can't"?!? Who made that rule? Sounds like that's the root of the problem.

Comment Re:We found a subtle way... (proof of the premise) (Score 1) 801 801

Now you need to build a contraption based on those marble machine things, but for basketballs or soccer balls. Work with a neighbour across the street, and set it up to bounce a ball from your house to theirs and back on a 5-15 minute interval. Make sure that the view of the ball's source is hidden from drivers.

Now instead of "oh look, kids outside playing, must slow down" it'll be "oh! ball about to be chased by kid and I'll hit them, must slam on brakes!"

Much more entertaining, not even counting the design and building of the contraption. Oh, and less exercise than actually playing basketball outside, so it must be genius! And the future lessons in legal liability will also be quite thorough, I'm sure.

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.