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Comment Re:Question (Score 4, Insightful) 138

You know what's scary? That someone politely asks a question -which is completely on topic- and gets so much condescending flak about this. Not all nerds are html/scripting/ coding wizards.
And maybe, maybe, sometimes non-nerds stroll here accidentally. Let's quickly chase them away!

Comment Re:The Nazis Could Have Won (Score 1) 295

Admiral Nimitz was once asked why he kept a picture of MacArthur in his office given that they never got along together

Somewhat besides the point, but writer Henrik Ibsen also had a portrait of his arch enemy, August Strindberg in his working room, to "show him [Strindberg] how well he was writing".

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

He is being threatened with being charged with making a hoax bomb after they clearly knew it wasn't a bomb (given the proposed charge).

Is wasn't even a hoax bomb. The student never even intended to pretend it was a bomb.

The story can be summarized as: folks imagine something done by a guy whose skin colour they don't like, and arrest him on the grounds of their assumptions instead of facts.

Comment Re:"When everyone can code . . . " (Score 1) 255

I don't understand the big push to get everyone to code -- not everyone *wants* to code, nor should they have to.

It is just a /. thing: every two weeks there is an article along the line of "how can we teach children to code", "how can we teach poor people to code", "why everyone should be a coder" etc. I know this is "news for nerds", but imho the (recent) emphasis on coding is over the top.

Coke and Mentos rockets are also cool nerd stuff, but those headlines have become very scarce.

Comment Re:Israel hasn't vowed to "wipe Iran off the map" (Score 5, Informative) 441

I dare you to try to identify another culture in the history of humanity that actually openly celebrates the murder of innocent civilians like way too many Muslims did on 9/11.

More specifically: some muslims openly celebrated the murder of innocent civilians and were caught on camera. Some extremist christians do similar things. Some extremist jews do similar things. Some Russians do similar things. Muslims don't have a monopoly on mediaval behaviour.

Comment Re: Can't wait for conspiracy theorists (Score 1) 43

I've often wanted something that could produce an image from EM emissions, in the same way that our eyes create an image from light. One way to do so is to capture the electromagnetic field in an matrix in an area (say 2x2m^2), called an aperture, and converting these captured signals to visualise the sources of the signals, more or less like a scanning beamformer. In practice it would be costly to capture hundreds of signals at once. Assuming the sources are stationary, you can also scan the aperture horizontally and vertically.

Comment Re:Available for a long time (Score 2) 66

The display update rate is awful, useless for video and marginal for scrolling. Also it consumes the SPI port which is usually why one gets a raspberry pi in the first place.

All of that may be true, but doesn't change anything to my original statement that the Foundation's was not the first and not the most customised display board. There are other uses for a rpi than the SPI interface, and for many of those -controlling stuff, playing music, whatever!- no high refresh rate is needed, and a compact display is very useful.

Comment Re:Available for a long time (Score 0) 66

maybe you can provide a list of other touchscreen vendors that are using the DSI interface?

Maybe you should take a look at the link I provided already? Most of these displays don't use the HDMI interface. Instead they use the rpi's GPIOs (using spi or something ) to interface with the display. More importantly, they are mechanically customized to fit on the rpi and on the rpi only.

I would say that is rather customized for the rpi.

Comment And fast! (Score 1) 172

On top of this, Google was fast!
It is hard to imagine now, but in those days "surfing" included a good deal of waiting, because of slower connections and probably slower servers. I remember Altavista being significantly faster than e.g. Yahoo search, and Google being faster than Altavista, most likely because the two academics that started it had a more sober web site.

Comment Print things (Score 1) 174

Print things, on photosensitive paper for two reasons:

1) photosensitive paper, i.e. the same paper that was used to print 1980's analog photos, has proven to be very durable. Don't use inkjets etc, which may fade over time (or they may not -I prefer to not take the risk).

2) a HD full of photos is good for indexing and searching, but I rarely browse these picture. The ones I have printed in a small album lying around are browsed regularly, either by meself or visitors.

Comment Re: Short answer? (Score 1) 190

There are ways of rotating and polarizing the waves to get thousands of times more information out of every frequency range. Shannon's Law only applies to each specific modulation

There are two polarisations, horizontal and vertical, or RHCP (right hand circularly polarized) and LHCP (left hand...), that are orthogonal, i.e. they do not interfere with each other. So there are no "ways of rotating and polarizing the waves to get thousands of times more information". You may be confusing with MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output), in which transmitters and receivers have multiple -say N- antennas. The signals from these antennas interfere, but this interference can be untangled, leading to an equivalent of N orthogonal channels. This untangling is similar to the orthogonalisation of a matrix using an eigenvalue decomposition. A MIMO setup with "thousands" of antennas would come close to your claim. Note, however, that your neighbour would also be using tousands of antennas... the interference would be unimaginable.

The clear advantage of wireless over fibre is the low cost of installation and the flexibility. As far as throughtput is concerned, fibre wins, hands down.

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