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Comment: Re:Referring to leaders of 1800's or 2000's ? (Score 1) 286

While my statement may also hold for those wealthy leaders of 1800 (thanks for that piece of info, btw), I was referring to today. The people from 1800 are no longer alive and can no longer ponder on this. Judging from your comment, I don't expect you to do so either, and maybe it was poorly formulated. "flaming error" did a better job, and I regret he is not modded higher.

The point I wanted to make, is that one of the reasons why the western world is doing relatively well nowadays, is because we stole from other countries (colonies) in the past and continue to do so today. Let the Chinese pollute their country and buy stuff cheaply. Buy cheap resources from Africa and South America. And feel good about ourselves because injustice is not literally carried out by our own hands. That these things happen is sad. Explicitly saying one "no longer feels guilty" (which, as mentioned, probably never happened before either) is ignorant and imho unfair.

Comment: I doubt... (Score 1) 286

I doubt you ever felt guilty in the first place. Too often are people unaware that their wealth, their success, which they attribute to themselves, is actually the fruit of suppressing others, in the past and in the present. And then we don't care anymore. As others remarked, this is sad.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 630

by elgatozorbas (#49564861) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

When I go to McDonalds, there's no pretense of nutrition or calorie reduction. I order a regular combo with a regular coke :) Diet drinks taste awful anyways.

Yeah, because more badness is better than less badness. And you think that people, who apparently cannot resist their urge to eat Big Macs, but somehow manage to at least drink diet coke instead of regular, are funny?

Comment: Re:What's next, hiring Carly? (Score 1) 194

by elgatozorbas (#49532463) Attached to: Yahoo Called Its Layoffs a "Remix." Don't Do That.
While I agree this was a bad move, and I dislike feminists and "positive discrimination" as much as the next guy, it is a bit sad to see so many reactions playing the "woman"-card. She did something foolish. The fact that she's a women doesn't really matter here. Foolish things were done by men too, no reason for dragging other women into this story.

Comment: Re:My B.S. Detector is Going Off (Score 2) 76

by elgatozorbas (#49513571) Attached to: Old Marconi Patent Inspires Tiny New Gigahertz Antenna
I was also a bit surprised by that part. It rather looks like a wave is launched into a piece of dielectric, which then may act like a dielectric waveguide. Somewhat. More or less...
In any case I can hardly believe that quantum theory is needed to explain the behaviour of antennas. Most surprising, however is to find such clumsy explanation in Spectrum, the flagship journal of the IEEE.

Comment: FM threshold effect (Score 1) 293

by elgatozorbas (#49504113) Attached to: Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017

This effect is called "digital cliff". [...] With analog modulation, you would get more noise in information when you get more noise in signal.

This digital/analog comparison mostly holds for AM. In FM, the audio quality also remains good as long as the signal-to-noise ratio is above a certain value, only to plummet below this value. This is known as the threshold effect and it was already known to Shannon in 1948.

Comment: Re:Completely and utterly false explanation... (Score 1) 246

by elgatozorbas (#49417677) Attached to: Watching a "Swatting" Slowly Unfold

The best part is when you assume that "those outside the US" somehow are unaware of what you perceive to be heavy-handed police tactics, when the sad (to you, anyway) truth is that people outside Western nations routinely live under oppression and police abuse

The best part is where you assume the US is the only western nation.

Comment: Re:c'mon (Score 1) 306

by elgatozorbas (#49403993) Attached to: Al Franken Urges FBI To Prosecute "Revenge Porn"
When you're in a hole, stop digging. It doesn't matter that more males than females kill tmemselves. What matters is that some people, mostly girls/women are driven to suicide because they are ashamed of something others have published about them. There is no way to make that sound okay, whatever the other statistics are.

Comment: Re:c'mon (Score 1) 306

by elgatozorbas (#49403961) Attached to: Al Franken Urges FBI To Prosecute "Revenge Porn"

Who is talking about sexual assault? If you give someone consent to take a video of you having sex then you need to beware, you just gave up some of your privacy rights.

It may not be sexual assault, but it certainly isn't a "minor thing" either. I don't think GP should have been modded flamebait. But this is /. People only care baout the difference between theft and piracy, andn ot about other people's feelings and expectations, especially if these people are women.

NO-ONE of these people gave any consent to put these videos on The Net. Is that so difficult to understand?

Comment: Old news (Score 1) 33

by elgatozorbas (#49375099) Attached to: Hand-Drawn and Inkjet Printed Circuits for the Masses (Video)

Hate to rain on this guy's parade, but conductive ink pens have already been for sale for quite some time. If he wants to reinvent the wheel, enjoy. Quite honestly, this looks amateuristic, so gefundenes Fressen for artists and "installations", I guess. Sorry for being so negative, it just feels unfair sometimes that hardware designers working their ass of to get you all these nice fancy iGadgets are rarely held in high esteem, while "artists" can "invent" something old, build something trivial (20 lights in parallel!) and makea big deal out of it.

The conductive ink plotter which was featured here some time ago is something completely different, of course.

Comment: Re:That's all wrong. (Score 1) 226

by elgatozorbas (#49374103) Attached to: Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space

That way we can get enough sunlight at night to compensate with ground-based solar panels. That's really simple to do, right? Easy Peasy!

That depends a bit on who is "we"... It may also be the Chinese or the Russians, meaning the US wil never get to see the moon ever again.

Anyway, while I assume your plan is not a serious suggestion, allow me to analyze it. For starters: the current non-geostationnary moon already does this to some extent, the spot is just changing all the time. More importantly, the reflectivity (or albedo) of the moon is 12%. This means that, at best, moonlight could be 8 times brighter than it is now. Currently the moon is about 250000 times dimmer than the sun, so in the best case your enhanced moon would still be 30000x dimmer than the sun...

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