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Comment It's not devs, it's FUD mongers (Score -1) 413

The people complaining are not Microsoft fans. Let's be honest, they had no intention of writing apps for Windows 8.1. They just wanted to get their hands on the final bits early so they could raise fear, uncertainty and doubt before the general public saw the final product in hopes of thwarting MS again. I think MS is doing the right thing by releasing to everyone at the same time.

Comment It needs a low-price mini variant (Score 0) 266

To compete with cheap Android tablets they need to release a $199 mini tablet. Some Xbox branding would help with this product. To compete with the iPad they need a new RT variant with upgraded V2 specs. To compete with full tablets, netbooks and laptops they need an updated Pro model with V2 specs.

Comment They have been (Score 0) 230

I think Microsoft has been evolving for a few years now. It started with Silverlight and spread to Asp.Net and even to Windows Phone. They now embrace open source software and even make some of their own projects open. They are in the process of accelerating their release cycles (something that the Silverlight team did from day one). They are adapting to changing conditions and that includes WindowsPhone.

Comment After years of saying java didn't need C# features (Score 1, Troll) 434

After years of saying java didn't need C# features they go and steal tons of them from C#! Whether it's properties, lambdas, function pointers or async/await, the Java community has always insisted that those features weren't necessary and that Java was no worse for omitting them. Now they go and steal them and put them into their products and everyone will declare them innovative new Java features. Last month it was Apple stealing the "Metro" UI from Windows Phone. Now this. Is Microsoft the ONLY company doing anything innovative anymore?

Comment DVDs only live for 7 years (Score 1, Insightful) 122

For born-analog content, always keep the original physical copy. You never know when you will need to rescan at a higher quality or when you will discover errors in your digital copy. DVDs are not born analog. In fact the only have a shelf life of around 7 years. You need to get everything off DVDs and make several digital copies of it. You should keep the DVDs as long as possible but eventually you will not be able to read them anymore. Make sure your digital copies of the DVDs are error-free because there will come a time when you cannot go back to the DVDs.

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