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Comment: Re:So, correct me if I'm wrong... (Score 2) 211

by ejrb (#42647041) Attached to: Kim Dotcom's Mega Claims 1 Million Users Within 24 Hours

You don't even NEED a lot of money to get 50 PB of storage.

Granted, you need some, but it's a lot less than people think.

18 months ago, BackBlaze showed how to build a 135 TB server for $7,384, and the price would be just about the same today.

That's $56,696/TB for a total of $2,834,800

For what Kim has in mind for Mega, 3 million in storage hardware isn't exactly surprising. In fact I'd be surprised if they haven't budgeted for a lot more than that.

(You did ask for correction if you were wrong...)

$7,384 for 135 TB is $54.70/TB or ~$56,000/PB.

This should only serve to strengthen your point of course.

Comment: Not why I supported the previous bundles. (Score 1) 553

by ejrb (#42141597) Attached to: New Humble Bundle Is Windows Only, DRM Games

Look no one can debate the facts. This bundle is making more money than previous bundles and will likely end up dwarfing the previous totals. More money for charities is better than less money for charities. Well done HB.

My issue, and reason for not purchasing this installment is that it feels sordid. I use Linux, Windows and Android and appreciated past bundles because they catered for everyone. I was very happy to support a group that did not care which operating system I wanted to use. I liked reccommending the bundle to friends, perhaps gifting them a copy of a game they'd missed. So I always paid a few quid more than the average as a result.

This bundle seems to have actively targeted one group in order to maximise how much money is made. The group that in all previous multi-platform bundles has paid the least per person (I mean look at the current average - less than $1 per game! - how can anyone pretend the average backer is "charitable"?). The group which always paid the most per person has been excluded. As someone who has tried bundle games on both Linux and Windows, I can say that this group not only gave more, but did so for games that were often riddled with bugs. But I digress.

This bundle is not in the spirit of previous bundles. It does not promote fairness and generosity. It is merely milking a cash cow. There are plenty of other charitable groups to support while the Humble Bundle gets a grip.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"