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Comment: Re:Yes, I'd be afraid of Amazon (Score 1) 110

by eionmac (#49314659) Attached to: Amazon Launches One-Hour Delivery Service In Baltimore and Miami

I use local shops now (in a small village of about 8 to 10 thousand folk) to keep small businesses (and big UK) who are UK tax paying businesses in being. I now buy signifficantly less from Amazon (zero so far this tear of 2015). The are killing local businesses and avoiding paying their fare share of local taxes. Their mama management /remward is not so good, but 'just legal' to avoid prosecution. Also I do not have delivery slot problems, where I or wife had to wait in to receive parcel. (A major point!)

Comment: Re:Not sure about that (Score 1) 274

by eionmac (#49292807) Attached to: Speaking a Second Language May Change How You See the World

The lady, the woman, The female , the wife, the wifman, "the queen" "the quine", all mean a female person but carry much detail depending on how used or translated as does the common English use of a definite "the" and indefinite "a" article in English which sometimes cannot be translated. For example the phrase "I would buy from that man" has at least two completely different meanings depending on empasis and pauses in speak; so a translater may not translate but replace with the meaning intended in the words of the language into which it is being translated.
"I; [pause!] would buy from THAT man!" (very negative, exclamation of rejection of the very idea )
"I would buy from that man" (positive)

Comment: Re:Trolls are the lowest form of life. . . (Score 1) 489

by eionmac (#48187751) Attached to: In UK, Internet Trolls Could Face Two Years In Jail

reget,it is NOT for an opinion you may disagree with, it is for 'threats to a specific person', thus brings Internet law in line with actual conversation spoken threat or threat mail. It is less than the jail option for a spoken threat against a specific person. (couold be 7 years!)

Comment: different folk! Use different set ups. (Score 1) 159

by eionmac (#48021123) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Software Issue Tracking Transparency - Good Or Bad?

as Buyer (i.e. facing your sales folk )I get a 'rosy picture'.
As buyer I always require the folowing:
a) I will give you a no-disclosure agreement.
b) You will advise me all existing problems with your software and allow my qualified persons to analyse your reporting times/solving times for bugs.
c) If you will not or cannot disclose existing bugs then you will have unlimited liability for any default caused by any existing bug after purchase.
d) All you competitors are asked the same question.
e) Do you wish to conclude this meeting or continue?

It is sensible to have all bugs reported, (I would welcome your approach of visible lists) but perhaps from a commerce point of view only viewable by a restricted list of developers or non-disclosure bound paying customers.
Make it a sales point:
a) We try to make our software the best, you can help us by reporting any problems.
b) When we have an established relationship, if you agree to non-disclosure terms then we can allow your folk who are software intelligent to aid your use and others by joining our development team as advisers. This impoves your competative edge and ensures your ability to get the maximum from your purchase.

Comment: Buy a "SIM FREE" phone in UK, and note! (Score 1) 259

by eionmac (#47166009) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do 4G World Phones Exist?

1. Buy a 'sim free' phone in UK on arrival. Different bankwidths and safety regulations as she must use a "CE" marked phone within the EU.
2. At beginning certainly use a pay-as -you-go-phone. She cam swop to her USA SIM when she goes back to USA.
3. Coverage: Very necessary to know actual telcom providers ( both real and 'virtual' who piggy back on an other telecos line) relative to the area she will be in, Albeit most telecos claim 90+% coverage, they do this by piggy backing (roaming charges) on other networks and operation is very limited in mountainous regions.
Example: Within my areas near Manchester in England and in Galoway in southern Scotland, signal strengths vary widely. ( 300yards = 80% loss of signal on two telecos but not on third) In cities mostly OK, but in rural and some islands areas you have problems.

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