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Submission + - Transgender London circa 23 AD (

eionmac writes: Museum of London shows an ethnic mix including transgender 2000 years ago
"An added twist to Harper Road woman's tale is that her chromosomes show that she was genetically a male — even though physically she was a woman — another feature that will intrigue modern-day researchers. "

Comment screen / battery (Score 1) 107

I am not a smart phone user , but my children are. Main failures to date are screens (drops, bumps, door closure in car; dead non-replaceable battery), if these could be repaired by any competant person e.g. partner, neighbour, local repair man, without surrendereing the phone; I see a market. Likewise a business with in-house repair to avoid external overlooking while repairing. However 5 years life seems to me to be too short. I have changed phones at 10-year interval. However we only use it for actual calls and text messages. We have never used the email function or radio or whatever. We use laptop computers to email. 90% of all my paid work is by email for clients. However as we are in our eight decade, we make be dust or recyled before the phone is upgraded.

Comment No Wifi signal (Score 1) 99

1 I am in UK. I was 'offered' ( take it or we may disconnect you!) smart meter connection. I investigated how smart meter woul call home by landline or Wifi phone signal. It turns out the mobile phone company being used by utility does not provide a signal in my area and meter does not retune to another phone company who have a very poor but available signal in the area.
2. Final solution copy letter to my member of parliament, copy to utility supplier. No smartphone to be installed , old fashioned one left. hand read by man during 3 monthly visit.
3. Second problem, UK Government wants you to be able to change utility suppliers, smart meter can only work with one supplier as it is tied to their ISP, so to change utility supplier means old hand reading and a change of meter! Real mess up.No one phone company covers more than 80% of availlable households/companies by mobile phone signal. 90 % odd by different mobile phone companies which is why I use two phones to get cover at work and at home.Only the land line due to universal provision in law (like post office mail deliveries) can go to each 'registered dwelling'. This does not cover all 'business premises' who can only get landline by business agreement.

Comment Not coder but!.. Time. (Score 1) 100

1 I am not a coder or programmer or computer logic problem solver but I recognize the problem immediately.
2 I write 'words' for a living. These define consequences of compliance with {get paid!] or non compliance with [get lawsuit!] providing a 'machine to do a job'.
3 I work in two ways, as Case A) a 'per diem fee on site' OR at same rates hours offsite where I and only I say how many hours apply. Thus offsite work often thinking time 48 hours and 30 minutes writing a single paragraph gets billed as 48.5 hours devide by 7.5 hrs/day multiplied by per diem fee; and Case B) a fixed fee for job.My guess if this will pay or not estimated at estimated hours by a per diem of 180% of billed normal per diem (attendance) fee (allows for the unknowns that come up). If fixed fee not suitable to client I refuse job.
4 All professional jobs have as before described , thinking times, research time, learning time, solution development in the mind and then 'tool handling time' (the writing in my case). Folk get what they pay for. I get more work than I can handle so I guess my reputation for job and fees is OK. (A point I can never prove!)

Comment Re:Overlooking the true cost of computer hardware. (Score 1) 508

This is a big point. Running cost of an ISP or internet connection may be at expense of two or more day's meals! Also are you sure the students CAN receive an internet connection at home? Some areas are not served by ISPs because of credit risk or in some areas there is no connection. (Many Areas of UK have no internet connection faster that old slow baud rates of 1990s due to very long distance copper wires. Where i gre wup it was achoice of starve for two weeks to get a peid or old second hand shoes! Suggest you get all student to use a LIVE LINUX you supply, that evens the field of software and you have control of OS.

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 246

QUOTEThey're more likely to be tied to Windows by tax software and the like.UNQUOTE
In UK, HMRC (Her Britannic Majesty's Revenue and Customs = Tax man) issues tax returns and Small Business tax return FREEWARE stuff in both Linux , Windows and Mac system formats. Free software for personal tax returns browser based and OS independent. Commecilal firms the limit for free HMRC software is number of employees at 10 persons (enough for about 30% of all UK firms). Commercial accountants can work in any OS as major UK bookkeeping software (basis of company accounts and thus transfer to tax returns) is available in Linux and other OS forms.


As I do banking and credit payments (letter of credit) between countries, a long time ago the banking indiustry standarised on CAPITALS to avoid problems, and enable secure teletext tranactions. These same conventions apply today. Without a caps lock, I could be unproductive for long periods and I would not estimate the finacial problems for my customers or their suppliers or payroll payments of a mistype.

Submission + - damage by incompetance (

eionmac writes: Bad and sloppy work incrimiated inocent folk in police arrest and investigation. However how do you seek redress? UK BBC news storu

Comment phone cost USD $3 per month. (Score 1) 129

1. I remain on old fashioned phones with only talk and SMS on a PAYG (Pay As You Go) scheme. 2. I use computer based data only via WiFi or Ethernet work, home or Public Wifi. My costs are about GBP £2 per month (say USD3 per month) fro phones (two of them on separate networks so roaming and dead spots are minimiseed) 3. I see no reason for a data phone or visual 'apps' outside my base (home,work or pub) 4. Maybe because I am a canny Scot I do not like transfering my cash to others. 5 Organise your life to suit your cash available.

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