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Comment: Re:Translation: (Score 1) 96

by eineerg (#38825969) Attached to: The High-Radiation Lives and Risks of Nuclear-Nomad Subcontractors

Way off topic, but scaffolding is not low risk. Its safe as long as you don't fall, which which takes a lot of skill and confidence (at the heights i routinely work at even dropping a spanner could kill someone), and wearing and correctly using a harness is no guarantee of surviving a fall as the blood in your legs turns toxic due to the harness cutting off circulation. The time this takes to happen varies from person to person but the lower limit is around 15 minutes (some people can last a lot longer).

Remember kids, being in the construction industry is more dangerous than being a cop (at least in New Zealand)

Comment: Re:Live in NZ and ... it's no big deal (fortunatel (Score 1) 123

by eineerg (#37919072) Attached to: 1st Strikes Issued Under New Zealand Anti-Piracy Laws
You seriously believe that the legislation wont be amended in the future? There's already been plenty of speculation that they're going to go light on the first round of infringements in order to negotiate a reduction in processing fee's(the legislation comes up for review within the next year i believe),

Comment: Re:Legal Weight? (Score 1) 123

by eineerg (#37918952) Attached to: 1st Strikes Issued Under New Zealand Anti-Piracy Laws
Kangaroo fucken country, all of our politicians are spouting off about fiscal responsibility when they've pandered to American interests to push through a one sided 'fair trade' agreement which has the potential to see vast amounts of money taken out of our economy and for what? This law is nothing but detrimental for the New Zealand people. (PS i know that pirating=bad but when you see wage stagnation for effectively everyone (lets ignore the 140 something criminals who took home 7.1 billion last year) and all the signs of run away inflation, who really gives a shit.

Comment: Re:Misquotes on the white house site, read the num (Score 3, Interesting) 920

by eineerg (#37891158) Attached to: The White House Responds To We the People Petition
And does this study distinguish between those going to hospital due to marijuana and those there for other reasons who happen to have pot in their system? Personally ive never seen someone need to go to hospital due to pot use alone ( and im sure im not the only one thats seen people smoke very large amounts of the stuff over a night and even wake up hangover free if maybe a bit dazed) I call bullshit that majiuana puts anywhere near half the number of people that alcohol does.

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