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Comment Hmmm testing out his upcoming foreign policy eh ? (Score 2) 421

Sigh.... On the upside the Scots are through the centuries used to obnoxious overlords trying to tell them what to do and how to behave so they probably could'nt give a "#T% bagpipes hoot about the threats of some random yank who is trying to strong arm them. I mean seriously ? I find it particularly interesting that this man is actually trying to become the President of the United States of America... Once a country most Europeans actually looked up to and respected with great gratitude for the sacrifices the American public have made for them in the past, it is a respect that however is fading quickly in Europe thanks to the behavior of the political establishment. One can only wonder if the good people of the USA will wake up in time and reclaim their country from those that are making it look so bad to so many of their friends and help America re-find it's moral compass and rightful place in the world as a true leader... I can just say I am thankful that I have real American friends so I know the established political elite does not speak for all the people. Good luck to you America on the upcoming election, may your people choose wisely and carefully when the time comes to decide your future that holds so much promise not just for yourselves but for the world! Go deep and investigate what the established political elites are truly up to before you go and make your voice heard.

Comment What a despicable act!!! (Score 1) 149

Why anyone would in the future want to be associated or paying customers of a company that behaves is such an uncivilized, childish and unprofessional manner is beyond me. These were your customers.... I am all but lost for words Do you think they will think kindly of you in the future ? Do you think they in any way are going to stay loyal to you and your brutish ways ? The fact that the person spearheading the initiative has not been canned immediately after this insane breach of trust is unbelievable. The fact that The Privacy Commissioner is now only mulling whether this issue is worth investigating further, is beyond belief, the company should be heavily sanctioned to the furthest extent of the law and then some this is completely unacceptable behavior. The company employee Jennifer Simons and her company should be electronically hung out to dry publicly, every nitty gritty detail of their existence made available for scrutiny for future generations because this is in essence what she has done to these people. And the company removing the information - Too late - the internet does not forget. The fact that someone is late in payments or in breach of contract does not give you the right to breach the privacy of your relationship and if the small print actually says you may hang said people out to dry by publishing their information and situation publicly and that is allowable within the framework of contract law then I believe a few companies should be shaking in their pants right now as they risk being next to such blackmail tactics and we are talking big companies. Jennifer Simmonds - I have to say shame on you for doing this and shame on your employer for going along on such a scheme.

Comment hahaha good one (Score 1) 113

I really like the phrase using information to force people to work for the Chinese government. And the collecting government i.e. not the Chinese but the American government was going to use said "embarrasing" information for what ? Why would they be collecting "embarrasing" information in the first place. Everyone really should get over themselves thinking their particular government are the good guys. Politics is and has always been nothing but a dirty game of chess to retain or attain power. Loosing your toys in the playground (i.e. your embarrasing information) is not something you should cry about in public -That in my humble opinion is embarrasing

Comment Re: Another blow to states' RIGHTS. (Score 1) 446

But labelling food in this way by the non GMO producers would be anti competitive in respect to the potential future profits of certain corporations that rely on selling GMO food that potentially can't compete against non GMO with the people that might elect to buy non GMO. .. one smells the lawsuits according to certain treaties and partnerships brewing

Comment How can anyone label this a victory for consumers (Score 1) 446

FTA: "Those states like mine, Maine, which has already passed a law that requires GMO labeling... we would be prohibited from doing it," U.S. Rep Chellie Pingree, a GMO labeling supporter, said in a conference call with reporters." Reading that statement it is clear to see that the freedom to choose upon an informed basis i.e. knowing if food is produced as GMO or not seeing GMO food as potentially providing a food source that is mixing for instance animal genes into plants without the consumer knowing can have vegetarians munching away on parts of organisms they would not otherwise. Jews and Muslims alike munching away on pig genes and everyone else who'd prefer munching away according to a precautionary principle munching away on things they would otherwise not touch. This legislation clearly is no victory for consumers and would be interested in hearing from the different people affected by this as to what they think about this restriction of knowledge.

Comment The ineptitude of the political establishment (Score 1) 306

Sigh... the Honor..... wait.... Prime Minister Tony Abbott is seemingly so used to bickering and working against anything offered by his political "counterparts" in government that he likely goes into an auto just say no mode and is at the same time possibly showing off a subconscious fear that a tech savy population is going to shred an upcoming techno tyrrany to pieces once the kids develop enough critical thinking abilities rendering the government unable to control every thought and behaviour of the population... let true education begin that enables creation rather than just consumption of centralized controlled technology and software. A clear FAIL for the PM

Comment Someone needs to find a new job (Score 2) 618

Martin Bryant, the Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web clearly needs to find himself a less public position that does not entail dealing with reality and actual people. What kind of moron goes out calling people they don't know snobs. And pertains to know that everything is fine because it works for him... there is a fantastic TED talk about that. If it is broken for me it is broken for me mister, period!!! I utterly resent your rant sir and all the deapicable thoughts it represents about other people that you do not know and cearly will never know as you have alienated them not just towards you but also towards the publication that you are dragging through the mud. I truly feel sorry for the so called editor in chief it must be hard for him that people don't feel the editors intrusive ads need to splatter on screen and suck away their bandwidth and CPU power if I could I would hand him a napkin to wipe away his tears and then tell him to get a grip... that guy has no shame whatsoever! I truly hope the publication gives him a big boot in his proverbial arse and tells him to go packing for such a display of disrespect is one you as a publisher cannot afford to leave unchallenged. Dear Martin Bryant, Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web go cry somwhere else you are hurting our ears with your high pitched wimpering!

Comment Re: Ask the former residents of East Germany (Score 2) 254

Sorry to see you have a minus one on your comment I was also completely shocked to see an attempt to selling the surveillance state as a positive. You are spot on with your comment regarding STASI and the fools that don't realize this will mourn as the people trying to wake them up are silenced, re-educated, dissappeared, suicided, or in other ways removed from "society" once democracy as they thought they knew it finally crumbles. Kudos to you for standing up like you do!

Comment Somebody just got their coffee ? (Score 1) 105

The organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW) expressed reservations on Tuesday 7 April; they believe the bill could open the back door to a surveillance society... aehm cough cough a little late to be giving comments like that, mentinks the barn door to that society is already wide open and people of the world who wish to be free are scrambling to close that door while the sheeple happily plod along in their own little happy world populated by the latest gossip about reality stars of no significance other that creating a mesmerizing circus to hold captive the mere second short attention span of the slaves so as to make sure they won't figure out what is going on around them every day...

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