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+ - Exopolitical petition on Congressional hearings suffers more attacks

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "January 7, Paradigm Research Group (PRG) submitted "Disclosure Petition VII — Congressional Hearings" to the White House.

It calls for President Obama to support congressional hearings to take testimony from military, agency, political witnesses to events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

In a strange turn of events the petition seems to have been suffering a range of difficulties since it was put up leading to speculation across the web of deliberate sabotage attempts, the latest setback being someone posting multiple signatures naming him/her/itself, as ET trying to make a mockery about a very serious attempt to bring perhaps the most important subject of the millennium to the attention of political actors of the world.

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett, has done an immense job collecting information and making sure departing and newly inaugurated Congress members have received hours upon hours of witness testimony on the subject matter from military, agency and political domain and now calls upon the White House to allow hearings on the subject.

The petition resides on the White House website at:

The Paradigm Research Group can be found on: http://paradigmresearchgroup.o...

Discounting the seemingly current sabotage attempt, the petition should be above at least 10.000 valid signatures at this time, with some way to go before reaching the 100.000 needed to warrant a reply from the Whitehouse.

However given PRG's track record and the massive interest of the American people in the subject matter, it should be entirely plausible that the petition reaches those numbers, prompting a potentially very interesting hearing.

In lieu of actual Congressional hearings, from April 29 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, and military/agency/political witnesses representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

You can read more about those hearings and access them via"

+ - Another chance for disclosure on extraterrestrial related events and evidence ?

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "After a successful Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD) at the National Press Club, Washington, DC and the White Houses official discouraging stance on the matter of disclosure being:

"The U.S. government has no evidence any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye."

The Paradigm Research Group ( http://paradigmresearchgroup.o... ), based on the availability of military/agency/political witnesses and researchers willing to go before congress to swear to the opposite, is petitioning The White House and the President to allow official congressional hearings on the matter.

A 100.000 signatures in total are needed for an official response by The White House and it will be interesting to see what the end result will be.

The petition can be found here

The full video record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has been delivered to all congressional offices as part of a Congressional Hearing Initiative dedicated to achieving comprehensive hearings.

For the skeptics and believers alike, downloads of the CHD are at:

So where does the /. community put it's 5 cents ?"

Comment: Ah the free market economy at work (Score 1) 437

by einar.petersen (#48729201) Attached to: Netflix Cracks Down On VPN and Proxy "Pirates"
It is so funny to see these Goliaths scream for access yo markets and for free markets and then attempt to play the cold war russian economic planning game attempting to control content etc... the movie studios / music studios are a joke not to have open licensing without borders people are willing to pay a fair price for the same content not differing prices for differing content and calling people pirates and criminalizing them when they are using a paid service that the movie companies are actually earning money from is an insult to logic and actually shows a total lack of seriousness on their part... no net neutrality and a forced global market that is what should be pulled over their heads as a response to this behaviour.

Comment: Spoke english in Denmark? (Score 1) 578

by einar.petersen (#48726709) Attached to: What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?
Where did this guy go to school... the old Scandinavian language was Norse you even have remnants of it in english streetnames etc..... and people speaking and writing Faroese or Icelandic will still today to a wide extent be able to read and understand Norse.... English as a world language in the Scandinavian and other Nordic countries has by no means suppleanted any of the languages spoken there...

Comment: Woolpower ? (Score 1) 250

Wear wool, turn off heating... yeah I know you mentioned wanting heat but think of the free cooling for your electronics that you'd get at the same time... and why is your south facing rooftop not plastered with solar panels already ? I live in an apartment complex (in Europe) and I basically have not been using ambient heat radiators for a year and a half and did not even have to put on the woollen jammies yet. I am guessing your question is more of the rhetorical kind to enlighten fellow slashdotters. On a side note the multiple times I've been in china and in rural areas wool was the solution indoors with room temperatures nearing waters freezing point by a few degrees. People need to get out of their comfort zone. A lot can be done by installing multi layer gold coated thermo glazing in your windows. Wall isolation etc. Look at experimental, zero and even plus energy housing all over Europe. The biggest hurdle against independance is legislation brought on by the energy lobby to curtail initiatives and you see that happening all over the world. Be creative but most of all fight idiotic legislation such as area laws that demand red clay rooftop tiling because you need to fit in with the rest of the "useful idiots" and other laws that curtail freedom and innovative ideas that would keep you from implementing power saving ideas.

Comment: Refused... Are you kidding me ? (Score 1) 112

Security by obscurity - just one more way to hide what you are doing... Truth be told, how can the citizenry accept a committee refusing senate ordes and FOIA requests ? Is it not time to stand up and demand fully transparent government, is it not time perhaps to put an end to more than 4 years in office. Is it not time to implement perhaps something like a meritocratic process for the elected to ensure our western governments are not run by nincompoops only looking out for themselves and in politics for the sake of power and money, why on earth would you want to keep secret how elections are being held. It is only by open scrutiny and failsafe mechanisms one can ensure free and open elections. Do we not send observers out in the world to ensure we see free open elections taking place, do we not criticize when we do not see such open and free elections. What is the difference between looking at abstract code and a human being looking at how counting is being done manually.... zero !!! In fact having humans peruse the code is comparable to having observers observe an election to make sure the code performs the task properly. Just like our government seem to like to spy on their people, following their every sms, their every phone conversation, their every email, their every opinion, perhaps it is time for the people to "spy" on their government by having responsible politicians put into effect completely open voting systems and laws opening up every aspect of government and demand complete insight into the electoral process going on inside the voting machines. One could perhaps even consider a lottery where people are selected for for civil service for a period of some years and placed in a non refusable position at some time in your life, age naturally with a guarantee of ability to continue in jobs etc. after ended service. This way you will eliminate the"livelihood politicians" i.e. those who have chosen politics as their livelihood, some even jumping perhaps from party to party, from "belief to belief" according to public opinion just to be able to cling on to a well paid seat in parliament or elsewhere in the system. The same should be done for the civil servants so as to ensure we not in reality are governed by a group of civil servants while the elected perform democratic theater thinking they are in control. The task of any politicians and the political system as a whole should be to ensure that the citizens are free to live their lives as unrestricted as possible, to create a society that allows the individual as much freedom as possible to live life in a way of that individuals choosing. To create the framework where within jobs can be created by the productive citizens of a country. The western democracies need a complete reboot so that the slide towards secret corporate run governments can be averted. We need to free government from undue influence from all power structures other that the citizens themselves. This refusal is a prime example why it is time to wake up and take action before it is to late !!!

Comment: First using Open hardware and then... (Score 1) 203

I hope this is not a question of learning using Open hardware and then going all Gosh this is clever... Yeah - I'll patent this so nobody else can utilize this improvement of the open technology unless they pay me, so what if I have sucked everything out of the freely available tech available to me.... is that the idea ? I seriously hope not and I also seriously hope he won't be selling this revolutionary patent out to some of the 3D trolls trying to patent everything 3D printwise and thus be part of stifling an industry still in it's birth... particularly as a user of open technology and someone who had learned using open technology I would seriously consider where to put my allegiances. Or perhaps he's pulling a Makerbot and deviating from the Open Philosophy... after all there is some brand affiliation it seems. 3D Print Developers need to put everything in the open describe every crazy idea they have about 3D printing to prevent the trolls... and now apparently also the kids from preventing 3D becoming what it has potential to be. A liberating technology breaking down the geolocated production monopolies, allowing each and every one of us to be our own creative geniouses unbound of the corporate stranglehold silly nilly trade agreements and IP shenanigans. @Thomas Suarez - If you're following the talk about your apparent technology, we'd like to see actual patent submissions so we can see if there's prior art to save you from a lot of trouble down the road and pricey laywer fees. Also it would be interesting to hear your take on Open Technology Development and 3D printing for instance. I surely hope I am misreading your intentions when you are pushing for a patent and trust you will be doing the right thing and participate in the open and free development of 3D printing technology - That is the way to win friends and influence people ;) Best of luck with your endeavors!

Comment: Decentralized power ? (Score 2) 86

by einar.petersen (#47361243) Attached to: Western Energy Companies Under Sabotage Threat
Hmmm... Did anyone just say why don't we use this opportunity of reliance upon centralized power and the weakness thereof to get rid of the energy cartels and rely on decentralized power instead, thus making our nations stronger, more independent and resilient to both attacks and natural disasters ? Just food for thought on a day that Solar Power just got greener and not to mention cheaper The fact that power companies are being "attacked" is old news - The right path to take in the light of these "attacks" is one of energy self reliance. That means "self powering" each building and furthermore securing such installations from infograbbing / controlling entities looking out for their own profits with no real concern for your needs or finances.

+ - Extended session logging ends in Denmark->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "In what could be seen as a victory for online privacy the following news from the Danish Ministry of Justice seems to have trickled in today.

The massive session logging as per mandate of the Danish Government going far beyond the session logging deemed illegal by the European Court of Justice looks like it is coming to an end as per announcement from the Danish Mnistry of Justice.

The move will likely be applauded by industry bearing the costs of the logging and privacy enthusiasts alike. Though people are already questioning what is to happen with already logged sessions etc.

Google translate of text here:

Original text is in Danish"

Link to Original Source

+ - Robots and irradiated parasites enlisted in the Fight against Malaria->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "Sanaria is a biotechnology company dedicated to the production of a vaccine protective against malaria caused by the pathogen Plasmodium falciparum has developed a vaccine that in trials has proven to be 100% effective.

Annually, malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum causes greater than 300 million clinical cases and one million deaths, is responsible for loss of greater than 1% of Gross Domestic Product in Africa

They are now on a crowdfunding mission to raise a mere 250.000 USD to build a Robot that can harvest irradiated parasites from mosquitoes.

If that is not a crowdfunding effort worthy of slashdot interest then I would think none is...

Imagine preventing millions of deaths and it involves Robots and Radiation!!!... They can certainly count me in..."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Oh no you are ruining our "monopoly" (Score 2) 579

by einar.petersen (#45794203) Attached to: Utilities Fight Back Against Solar Energy
This is a world wide problem, utilities are running scared and the politicians in their pocket are following their pied piper. Keep pressing on for being able to create your own power. If the utilities won't let you plug in. Screw em and invest in battery back up, companies are already scrambling to make affordable, benign battery power the sooner you let the power utilities depending on power drawn from old fermented dinosaurs or power created with other environmental deadly pollutants as a result like nuclear die the better. Keep adapting alternate power generation technology, not only will you be free from the utilities and save a lot of money freeing up your personal resources. Unfortunately governments all over the world are in cahoots with the utilities so do not expect any help from them. This is a battle you as an individual will have to take upon yourself to win. Educate yourself in how you can save, personally I have been able to cut my electricity consumption 22% by doing simple things like cutting off vampire loads, remembering to turn off lights when not around etc. without in any way having less comfort at home or making "sacrifice" and I have not even yet started investing in energy harvesting nor A+ or better household things like dishwasher, fridge/freezer, washing machine etc. stopped using the dryer in the previous billing cycle, that saved a bundle as well but is not counted in this round, but energy harvesting and buying less power consuming equipment is next on the list. I wish all of you the best of luck in the search for cheaper and cleaner energy free from the power monopolies of the utilities. Don't buy into the lie that you are using the utilities as a backup battery, they are benefiting from your production, they are actually able to use less energy to produce load for the grid etc. and actually able to earn money from your production to anyone claiming something else I will in the holiday spirit offer a "bah humbug", and if they won't let you plug in, find alternate ways to store and utilize your energy. Don't let the utilities win. Let them go the way of the dinosaurs, you do not need them. Learn and live free!

+ - Outbreak of common sense and decency at NASA->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "In a reversal of the by many considered shameful and most un-international decision to ban Chinese scientists to participate in an international conference on "EXO PLANETS" i.e. planets lightyears upon lightyears away, due to national security concerns (get the pun?). NASA owns up their ban on Chinese nationals participating in the conference was possibly an over interpretation of US law regarding foreign Chinese nationals and the laws in place to safeguard America from lurking danger of nations spying upon it...

The ban saw strong reactions from Scientific Institutions and Scientific Leaders around the globe and NASA actually faced a real danger of Scientists from around the globe boycotting the conference due to their earlier decision as calls were going out into the global scientific community to do so.

Concerns or no concerns about national security and interpretation of laws thereabout, it is good to see science once again being treated as an international cooperation between peers to the benefit of mankind"

Link to Original Source

+ - Storyplanet Held Hostage by freelance developers->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "So Danish Entrepreneur Bjarke Myrthu has sent an email to his users that he feels he has to throw in the towel after a Web Drama including the Kidnapping of his site and service development dream.

Seemingly two freelance developers have held hostage and tried to extort control of the company or services from Bjarke Myrthu rendering it impossible for him to continue developing the site for his users.

Having had some experience with using freelancers hired over the web using quite strict terms in my job description I'd like to hear from the Slashdot community what they think should be done in a scenario like this, how could Bjarke Myrthu wrestle back control of his dream from what must be dubious cooperation partners according to the article and how do you protect yourselves from becoming embroiled in legalities when hiring freelancers for your projects via online freelancer services.

The Original Danish article

Translated article courtesy google"

Link to Original Source

+ - Farewell Nokia->

Submitted by einar.petersen
einar.petersen (1178307) writes "Microsoft is in these hours apparently working to secure a complete buyout of the Finnish Mobile Manufacturer that will result in 32000 additional employees being transferred Microsoft, albeit a large number it is less than it could have been as former Microsoft Executive Stephen Elop has already slashed 20.000 Nokia jobs during his tenure at Nokia."
Link to Original Source

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (9) Dammit, little-endian systems *are* more consistent!