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Comment: Re:I blame the FDA (Score 1) 365

by ehiris (#49054461) Attached to: Smoking Is Even Deadlier Than Previously Thought

Been using ecigs for a couple of years now. Never really got a hard time for using it anywhere.
Couple of instances was once in a bar in New York City, they told me to be discreet, and at a superbowl public event, by orders of the fire marshals, probably because the vape looks like smoke and they are trained to look for signs of fire.

As for the FDA not regulating them, good, it's better to have their hands out of them.

I know quite a few people who gave up smoking with ecigs.

Comment: Re:But We Need More H1-Bs! (Score 2) 331

by ehiris (#48976133) Attached to: Massive Layoff Underway At IBM

IBM has lost some pretty big business customers due to the inability to compete with people who prefer to "insource" (lingo for ship the jobs out of the country by opening IT shops in low cost regions)
While competing on that level, they lost complete touch with their end-customers and I wouldn't be surprised if these jobs will be available somewhere else under the IBM brand pretty soon.
As a brand, I don't think that such a massive lay-off will be as easy to hide under the rug as their support of the Nazi tabulation systems, especially because all the laid off people will eventually be part of their customer base.

Comment: Take off and landing boredom (Score 1) 65

by ehiris (#48893607) Attached to: Smartphones, Tablets and EBay Send SkyMall To Chapter 11

In two very stressful situations our reptilian brains were exposed to, the only forms of entertainment we were allowed were the mind-numbing airline magazine or skymall. Now that we can use electronic devices in those situations, skymall becomes pointless. Some foreign airlines still require turning off electronic devices during take-off and landing. Those could have make use of skymall but skymall was a lazy business. They didn't expand internationally and didn't tap into the new medium. (people could have shopped for free over wifi)

Comment: Re:Cygwin works fine. (Score 1) 203

by ehiris (#48725983) Attached to: Why Aren't We Using SSH For Everything?

Yes, work very well but AD integration is kind of a pain. Managing users and groups between the emulator and windows is poorly supported.
I had some issues with it related to people wanting to use it for windows sftp that led my management to having me move all my cygwin/ssh based windows monitoring to WMI, which just sucked. Pretty much switched jobs because of it.

Comment: Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 214

by ehiris (#48333913) Attached to: Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again

Exactly, which is the direction I saw Google take. If I was going to stick to a platform that goes into a closed system direction, why not choose to go back to Apple, who makes much sexier products.
So far I'm very happy with the decision since I dig the new iPhone. iTunes is annoying but at least I don't need to have different audio players for music, audiobooks, and I don't need another app to help it decide which player should play what I last paused. Oh, and rescanning all my storage every time I added a few new songs was getting old. I really didn't see a performance degradation after I switched. I most real life situations, it is quite the opposite.

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