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Comment Re:recipie for disaster (Score 1) 391

Engine braking is only on the driven wheels and you have less control of modulation. So for a front drive car it may induce understeer and loss of steering control and in a rear drive car it may induce oversteer (for experienced drivers this is preferable). Under most normal conditions engine braking is fine though.

On a 4x4 the engine braking is more even but may still give you mixed results compared to the cars braking system that is better balanced and with all the electronic assistance of ABS EBC ASC etc.

When in doubt put it in neutral and use brakes carefully. Again that's not necessarily the best result. A skilled driver can still modulate the engine revs to match road speed and gain more control. But 98% of people on the road are not skilled. (did I type that out loud?)

Comment non-corporeal evolution? (Score 1) 27

Why is there so much effort in making things effortless? No mechanical buttons, no leavers, no wheels.... Are humans trying to evolve into non-corporeal beings?

We need tactile feedback, and physical effort to operate, be efficient and accurate and help our brains learn new tasks.

We have evolved in a physical world. I'm certain there will be more and more consequences on health with these technologies including obesity, RSI, tendon and muscle damage, nervous system complaints, depression and other mental illnesses.

Comment Re:couple things (Score 3, Interesting) 45

Me, me! I'm a gear head and an electronics nerd.

I work in IT and race a Mazda RX7 on the weekends. I rebuilt and modified the motor and programmed the ECU! I've been wanting to build an electric race car like this for years and now I can get a head start with this project. Fantastic!

Comment Fermi paradox (Score 1) 541

If it was at all probable, then it is also probable that other alien beings are already travelling the universe at FTL.

In which case the probability of being visited by these alleged aliens is far far higher than Fermi or Hart have considered.

In which case Fermi had a very good questions. "Where are the aliens?"

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