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Comment: Re:DansGuardian (Score 1) 384

by egarff (#37411384) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Low-Cost Tools To Track Employees' Web Use?
Completely agree with dansguardian too. I wrote a little wrapper once that wrote the logs to a database so it was easily queried. It has options for paying attention to ident and such also, so you can install ident on the clients and actually get usernames, or it'll log simply IP addresses.

Comment: Re:not protects (Score 1) 1066

by egarff (#33610638) Attached to: HDCP Master Key Is Legitimate; Blu-ray Is Cracked

this is primarily a tool for piracy.

I purchased a samsung BD-UP5000 blu-ray/HD-DVD combo player (to take advantage of the uber-cheap HD-DVD's). I made this decision because I wanted to be legal and legit. Due to the DRM restrictions on blu-ray discs, some of the new discs coming out will not play on this device, even though it's a blu-ray player and plays others just fine. I contacted Samsung and because the product has been "end of life'd" I have no option but to purchase another device to play the newer blu-ray discs coming out.

How did DRM prevent from piracy and not just hurt me as a legitimate consumer? In fact, if I'd used the torrent services or other to get HD content movies and television shows, I wouldn't have been left in the DRM dust.

Putting locks on a car only really keeps the honest people honest. DRM is stupid and hurts consumers (like me). That being said, I've since purchased a PS3, because I desire to be an honest individual, but man did it make me feel dirty.

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