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Comment: Re:Why really does Apple behave this way? (Score -1, Troll) 432

by edrugtrader (#33413114) Attached to: iPhone App In App Store Limbo Open Sourced

i do really have exact ideas about the n1 architecture, battery technology, and the native flash environment implementation, and the implied extra layer necessary to do the interpreting.

i also really have many exact ideas about the implementation of applications in flash not being optimal relative to latency, cpu usage, and battery life, compared with a native app capable of recreating any interface flash is capable of. why let the developer shoot themselves in the foot just because they think different about shooting themselves?

maybe you should have one of those ideas.

you are NOTHING.

Comment: Re:encryption, not trust (Score -1) 269

by edrugtrader (#32725972) Attached to: 22 Million SSL Certificates In Use Are Invalid

save for theoretical quantum encryption, there is always the potential for a MITM attack. ALWAYS.

using a 3rd party is only effective as it is an order of magnitude more difficult to middle both connections simultaneously... theoretically if you could do that, you either have access to sniff the whole internet or the 3rd party's local network or the local networks of both ends... if you already have that level of access, it's already game over. do you trust the tumbler lock on your front door, or do you nail boards over the door and barricade it with a boulder every night?

i have a legal freeware program that sniffs wireless networks to analyze them for quality of service. this will include pieces of unencrypted IP packet data. google recently used similar tools and accidentally obtained sensitive data.

add on top of SSL pre-defined challenge questions, and a message or image defined by the user and presented by the service and you've got the same level of protection as a valid SSL certificate. combining them helps even more, but there are still attack vectors.

Comment: Re:Grow up (Score -1) 371

by edrugtrader (#32713594) Attached to: Pakistan To Scour Google, Yahoo For Blasphemy

You miss the point of this entirely. Prohibition of blasphemy is a rule you set up for the members of *your* faith only, not for others. Trying to impose your rules over people who have not signed up for your religion has to be called on.

and that works fine until your "sheep" start asking why "God" only applies to an arbitrary land border.

if you truly believe "God" is real, it is hypocritical to not assume his word applies everywhere.

so you're calling them on it... when they have nuclear weapons... to the end of what? fighting a nuclear war over someone asking you not to provide to their countrymen images of a "God" you wouldn't even know to defame if they didn't define him to you? defaming their "God", if anything, is no more than an acknowledgment of your fear of that "God"... otherwise, what is the point? because you can? they CAN detonate nuclear bombs, and they're more likely to do so the more you exercise your rights to provoke them.

Comment: Re:Does your family know what you're doing? (Score -1) 1318

by edrugtrader (#32702864) Attached to: Pakistani Lawyer Wants Mark Zuckerberg Executed

I waste time compiling the email list

ok... yes, i suppose you did, lady. are all women as smart as you?

no woman in my family presents herself as a man, because no woman in my family is a nutcase, and only a nutcase woman would present herself as a man named "tom".

you are pathetic.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"Most of us, when all is said and done, like what we like and make up reasons for it afterwards." -- Soren F. Petersen