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Comment Re:Diversity (Score 1) 287

Furthermore, studies have been done proving that black-sounding names get 50% fewer callbacks than white sounding names, when the only thing different is the name on otherwise identical resumes.

237,000,000 google hits for "white sounding names get more job interviews"

Comment Re:Fear of the West? (Score 1) 268

I was answering why they don't just invalidate the patents and copy a modern CPU, and the answer is that the patents aren't the reason they're hard to copy. Intel (and others) don't patent their most critical secrets.

I completely agree they have the technology to build older designs, which is just fine. They can then decide whether the investment to upgrade is worth it to them or not.

Comment Re:What I want to know is (Score 1) 184

The chance is the same AFR of the rest of the product, but yes, it's very small.

Your worst case is that you cycle your SSD to 100% of its capability (which basically no user does anyway) inside a freezer, then put it on your dashboard as you park your black-on-black sports car in death valley for a 6 month hiking trip.

If you're not doing all 3 of those things simultaneously I wouldn't worry.

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