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Comment: 16 years is nothing (Score 1) 633

by edgarmoon (#29185255) Attached to: Thanks For the ... Eight-Track, Uncle Alex
Except for maybe cheap DVD's. those are only expected to last 5-10 years. Probably the same for BluRay (although I wouldn't bank on that long term). Most magnetic tape should survive, I have 20 year old VHS tapes that still play, in fact I just converted wedding footage from 1982 last year, crappy footage but that was from the original equipment (not enough light), not deterioration. Throw in a camcorder, that should cover your. Or better yet, a hard drive media player, I'm doing all my digital archiving on hard drive now. The tv interface is not going to change in 16 years, and if it does then there will be adapters. Or at the least a coaxial equivalent terminal. Our tv sets run off of the same inputs as used in the 50's. If you really want a long lasting medium, may I recommend film. You should still be able to get 8mm film, I have some 8 and 16mm going back over 50 years, properly preserved there is no deterioration. Just include a small projector. Pictures on good quality paper also survive decades (not inkjet, get them professionally made). Or, you can always wait another year for the 1000 year archive dvd, throw that and a small dvd player in. Even if the format changes all you need is electricity.

Comment: Payment Liability Affirmed, Ownership Remanded (Score 5, Insightful) 330

by edgarmoon (#29185079) Attached to: Appeals Court Overturns 2007 Unix Copyright Decision
So SCO is fully liable for payment to Novell, meaning they cannot get out of bankrupcy that easily. Ownership has not been reversed, SCO still does not own anything, that has to go to court and in the meantime SCO has to pay more money out. The question is will they continue to get investors to fund this campaign? Even if by some miracle SCO was to get the copyrights to unix, there is little if any chance they can succeed in proving any code was misappropriated by IBM. Basically all this proves is that our court system does everything in its power to make sure lawyers get all the money.

Comment: Can't contain an atmosphere (Score 1) 575

by edgarmoon (#19636553) Attached to: Scientist Calls Mars a Terraforming Target
Without a magnetic field. Mars does not have a rotating molten core like earth, it has a solid one. Therefore, no magnetic field, therefore it is constantly attacked by cosmic radiation and solar winds, which not only strip away the atmosphere, but also would kill us in months. Add onto that the low mass and the negative effects that has on bone density and Mars is definitely not a habitable planet for long term.

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