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Submission + - Poor Second-Hand Game Sales Aren't Consumers Fault 1

edcs writes: Insidestroll has a breakdown of why game publishers can't blame their customers for buying used games, and why games are absolutely not a better deal than movies: "Games are a medium that costs less then half as much as movies to make, and yet costs three times as much to consume." The article also speculates that over-inflated prices may have caused the game industry more problems than just a poor second-hand market, mainly by stifling creativity through breeding a timid consumer base that is unlikely to take a risk on innovative titles.

Submission + - Apple and Police Ransack Home to Find iPhone 5

oxide7 writes: The saga continues in the hunt for a missing iPhone 5 prototype, with the tale taking a disturbing twist as police revealed Apple employees accompanied officers as they ransacked a private residence in San Francisco. Calderon initially told the SF Weekly that six people wearing badges and identifying themselves as San Francisco police officers searched his home one evening in July, rifled through his belongings and computer and "threatened" him over the missing phone.

Submission + - Canada Encouraged US To Place It on Piracy List -> 1

An anonymous reader writes: Copyright, U.S. lobbying, and the stunning backroom Canadian response gets front page news treatment today in Canada as the Toronto Star covers new revelations on copyright by Michael Geist (who offers a longer post with links to the cables) from the U.S. cables released by Wikileaks. The cables reveal that former Industry Minister Maxime Bernier raised the possibility of leaking the copyright bill to U.S. officials before it was to be tabled it in the House of Commons, former Industry Minister Tony Clement’s director of policy Zoe Addington encouraged the U.S. to pressure Canada by elevating it on a piracy watch list, Privy Council Office official Ailish Johnson disclosed the content of ministerial mandate letters, and former RCMP national coordinator for intellectual property crime Andris Zarins advised the U.S. that the government was working on a separate intellectual property enforcement bill.
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Comment Hopeful (Score 2) 123

I used an ebook version of my history text book last year, and it worked relatively well. Other than a few formatting issues, I found it pretty easy to highlight things and make notes on my kindle. The only problem was that since it didn't retain the page numbers of the print edition it was next to impossible to reference in essays (in the end I had to use Google Books find the location of quotes in the print edition), but if they lean into this properly then they'll probably be more open to adapting the current referencing systems to be more up to date.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 1153

In a world where computers are becoming more and more integral every day into every profession, machines that for all intents and purposes just do maths really fast, are you really saying that knowledge of maths isn't a useful skill? In the 19th century it may have been useless, but the world has been moving from superstition and physical skill into a world of logic and intelligence since then; if maths isn't a good skill to have in that world I don't know what is.

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