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by edawstwin (#45595555) Attached to: The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live the Desktop!
It's a pretty small sample size, but virtually everyone I know that doesn't work in IT fits this description. Tablets and phones are perfect for checking e-mail and Facebook and playing a few games, and in my experience that's all the majority of people care about. It's certainly helped with my free time lately as no one call me any longer with, "Why won't my computer boot up?" questions.

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by edawstwin (#45293969) Attached to: FAA To Allow Use of Most Electronic Devices Throughout Flights
"(1) No pilot may take off a U.S.-registered civil aircraft (except a free balloon that incorporates a basket or gondola, or an airship type certificated before November 2, 1987) unless the pilot in command of that aircraft ensures that each person on board is briefed on how to fasten and unfasten that person's safety belt and, if installed, shoulder harness."

This includes all PICs, including those that are private pilots.

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Tweaked my nose? What are you talking about? Dexter is a show that had some good moments and even seasons, but overall it was a a bad show - the horrible far outweighed the great.

I "have no basis to judge anything related to it"?!? I watch TV, and have a reasonable critical mind, so that gives me all the "basis" I need. However, I read the first Dexter novel, which was decent, but the show obviously didn't follow the novel exactly. No show should follow it's source material to the letter. Look at The Walking Dead, which does follow major plot points of the graphic novel, but takes liberties where they think it's necessary. It remains to be seen if The Walking Dead falls into the same trap that Dexter did, but for now, it's at least as good as the first three season of Dexter.

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The excuse for "bad physics becoming a pivotal plot point" is always story. If it serves the story, do it. I'd much rather watch a hugely entertaining film like Gravity with a few inaccuracies than one that gets the physics absolutely correct but suffers because of it. Whenever I watch a film that is not a pure documentary and set on/above Earth, I just imagine it's in a universe similar to ours, but has differences that just happen to help the plot. It is just entertainment, after all.

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