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Journal Journal: still getting over myself

i was pretty fond of these comment so i'm hanging on to it:

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Journal Journal: saving old comments

you know, i just wanted to hang on to the link to the one comment i've made here and really really liked. i'm still taking lessons on getting over myself. :>

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Journal Journal: babelfish rant

OK, i've used babelfish from time to time in the past and it's always been serviceable. but my word...

i work in a small NYC-based office, largely staffed by koreans, who exchange e-mail w/ the parent office in seoul. not being fully conversant in korean, i thought i might be able to rely on the fish to see me through.

i mean, i can see that it's plainly one of the options, to translate from korean into english.

so i pop in the text of an e-mail, and wham! instant aphasic rambling. i mean, it's worse than useless. gah!

[starts to pull hair out in frustration, then reconsiders upon seeing reflection of hairline.]


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Journal Journal: first comment modded to 5!

well, this is interesting: for the first time since i've been posting here, i've had a comment moderated to +5.

this is new enough to me that it's neat. :>

of course, having said that, i'm sure someone will mod me down...


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