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Comment: Image Recognition: Cellphone Transaction - Image X (Score 1) 115

by ecj - MAXINE (#15831844) Attached to: Image Recognition on Mobile Phones
Image Recognition: Cellphone Transaction - Image Xmit - Scan Confirmation A tested, new technology capability enters the North America marketplace. A technology that has had great success in Europe in the facilitation of transactions on-the-fly has arrived in the form of a scanner that can read images off of a cellphone LCD screen. Using a special two-dimensional image/symbology, a selling party is able to confirm/identify who the purchasing party is to allow a completion of any type of transaction or access. Story Here>> http://symblogogy.blogspot.com/2006/06/cellphone-t ransaction-image-xmit-scan.html Questions?>> maxine_log@yahoo.com

Introducing, the 1010, a one-bit processor. 0 NOP No Operation 1 JMP Jump (address specified by next 2 bits)