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Comment: something doesn't add up here... (Score 5, Insightful) 485

by ecalkin (#28004995) Attached to: Dell Indicates Windows 7 Pricing Will Be Higher

microsoft is a company sitting on 25 billion dollars. they apparently sold $3-4 billion in bonds? they are *raising* prices during some of the worst economic times that a lot of people of have seen.

    it's like they have a pressing need for more than $30 billion?

    for a company that needs to sell operating systems to maintain their future, it doesn't make sense.


Comment: a possible idea (Score 3, Insightful) 271

by ecalkin (#27632769) Attached to: Looking To Spammers To Solve Hard AI Problems

several years ago 'neural nets' were the big thing and they were thinking that they could make them 'learn' and do useful things.

i always thought that traffic control would be an interesting application. if a computer could look at video of an intersection (and streets leading to the intersection) and figure out where cars were and weren't, you could make traffic lights a lot less annoying.

so our CAPTCHA might be a picture/video of cars and a request to count them?


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