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Comment: Can't use the device while charging (Score 1) 284

by ebs16 (#41305937) Attached to: Cutting the Power Cable: How Advantageous Is Wireless Charging?
At the end of the day when my phone battery is in the red, I usually plug in and continue using the device. I can use the device for as long as its plugged in. With a wireless charger, there's no way to use the device while it's charging -- unless you tap gently and keep it on speaker. It'll work, but not as well as charging via USB.

Comment: Re:T-Mobile (Score 1) 307

by ebs16 (#40687365) Attached to: AT&T Introducing Verizon-Style Shared Data Plans
I'm currently on Verizon, but once the iPhone 5 comes out I'm seriously considering buying one at the full price and moving to T-Mobile. They'll be further into their LTE rollout by the end of the year and they're the only major provider that actually offers a discount for bringing your own phone. The only issue I'm worried about is the iPhone's incompatibility with T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. If there's no LTE service, iPhones will be stuck on EDGE. I'd go with Straight Talk, but I've heard nightmares about their customer service. I've read stories of people having their account shut down and numbers sent back into the national pool due to billing errors.

Comment: Re:Uh, Have You Heard of Distribution Channels? (Score 1) 489

by ebs16 (#39702881) Attached to: Student Charged For Re-selling Textbooks
They should consider lowering their prices to target their first works markets. I shouldn't need to devote a giant chunk of my student loans to buy a book I'll use for 6 months or forced to buy a web key for a textbook I get second hand.

As for the thick paper and hard covers of US textbooks: I suspect is has to do with making consumers feel like they're getting something tangible for their dollars.

Comment: Re:Okay... (Score 1) 231

by ebs16 (#39517699) Attached to: Gawker Media To Require Commenters' Facebook, Twitter, Or Google Logins
The NYTimes allows anonymous posts. I'm not sure what you're getting at here. If it's about the paywall, you need to understand that Gawker bloggers can sit in in NYC all day to do their jobs. NYTimes has to maintain a giant international staff, field offices, etc. That kind of quality comes at a price that I am more than happy to pay.

Comment: Re:TL;DR (Score 1) 284

by ebs16 (#39038627) Attached to: Sony Outlets Control Electricity Through Authentication
Well, I should have asked "how proprietary is it?" I assumed that it would be proprietary being that SONY made it, but I was hoping that these devices would play well with others. I can't imagine building proprietary technologies of that sort into a permanent structure. It's one thing to swap out a video player, it's another to tear up dry wall.

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