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The Internet

Why Broadband Prices Haven't Decreased 336

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the someone-owns-boardwalk-and-parkplace dept.
pdragon04 writes "After a new technology is introduced to the market, there is usually a predictable decrease in price as it becomes more common. Laptops experienced precipitous price drops during the past decade. Digital cameras, personal computers, and computer chips all followed similar steep declines in price. Has the price of broadband Internet followed the same model? Shane Greenstein decided to look into it. "

Comment: imperfect data and call it SCIENCE, yeah! (Score 1) 470

by ebcreasoner (#33429136) Attached to: 3 Drinks a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

"...conclusion based on horribly imperfect information and call it science!"

My gods man, do you realize how difficult it would be to access/store/process/interpret all the information involved with the interactions of the elements and chemicals consumed and absorbed in the body? THAT seriously would have to be Star Trek 24(?) century level technology. However, you want to bury any 'science' done with the very imperfect amount of imformation we as humans have now and let it go. I say no. And that is not my belief. I know it. You know it. Them over there, they know that we don't know everything. And I say good. Onward. Freakin learn. Teach yourself. Grow old and receive medical care that has evolved from this 'imperfect science'.

I will follow some people, and draw conclusions based on horribly imperfect information and call it science!

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