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Comment Re:survival? (Score 2) 272

When everyone else is running through the stores looting all the twinkies, he'll head over to the section where the mason jars are stacked. It's not like he'll need that many: when you empty one, you wash it and use it again.

Comment Re:How to get off scott free for any crime: (Score 1) 286

Personally, I do want to live in a society where the rule of law dictates that a guilty person must be set free because the manner in which evidence is collected has been determined to be illegal. In fact, I think I *do* live in that society (U.S.A.), although I often have my doubts.

No matter how disappointing the result, I think it is a good thing that the judges in this case made their decision based on the law, rather than how they feel about a particular defendant.

Comment Re:Activity Rewires the Human Brain (Score 1) 291

Sounds like your wife got all of motherhood and half of fatherhood ;-)

I experienced the same thing. When I was alone and in charge, everyone got fed, bathed, bandaged, etc. Everyone survived despite the fact that mom was at work. When she was home, I didn't do things "right".

What I discovered over the years (kids are now 15, 13, and 11) is that if you are patient, the children will make your argument for you. Eventually, if she isn't completely delusional, she will realize she doesn't know any more than anyone else. At that point she will welcome the opportunity to share the decision making as well as the blame.

Of course, it probably helps in my situation that we usually agree, and love each other, and our mutual goal is to get the kids raised well enough that they can get jobs and move out of the house.

Comment Re:I have your conversion right here... (Score 2) 860

Unless you share your home with children.

When our silverware (decent, stainless steel, not cheap, but not silver) started disappearing, I determined it was because of yogurt. Our kids would open a yogurt cup, grab a spoon, eat the yogurt, and toss the cup...and the spoon.

I've stopped trying to figure out why. My mother says they'll stop being stupid when they live on their own and have to pay for their own spoons. However, her and my mother-in-law both confirm that none of their children were as dumb as ours.

My solution: I bought a 36-pack of cafeteria grade stamped stainless steel spoons & another one for forks (knives didn't seem to be disappearing as fast).

After 10 years, I just had to buy another set.

Strangely, they get excellent grades, and do really well outside of our house. They are admired by all the other parents. My wife and I are the only ones suffering, and I have maintained that I consider that reasonable.

However, In another 8 years, I'll be able to legally throw them all out of the house. I look forward to changing the locks and having nice things again.

Comment Re:Internet of Things (Score 1) 76

I haven't re-read the article to see if I've missed something, but it seemed more about corporate espionage than causing heart attacks. Seems like the perpetrators were looking for a quick and easy path to the top of the medical device manufacturing food chain.

Would be morally wrong to set up a honeypot loaded with subtly but fatally flawed designs such that the manufacturer stealing said designs would be destroyed by the resulting lawsuits from their customers and/or victims?

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