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Comment: Re:hmmm (Score 1) 119

by eagee (#47190383) Attached to: Bill Watterson (briefly) Returns To Comics
He lives about two blocks away from us and actually donates to a local arts organizations I volunteer with. I've seen his email and address in the members database; I wouldn't even dream of taking advantage of that information though. I'd heard he lived here for years; and it was just cool to see it there and know he was a real tangible person donating to the arts.

Even though he lives so close I've never seen him once. That's ok though; I feel lucky just knowing that he's around (and it gives our much maligned rust belt city a little bit of cred for being the wonderful place that it is - Watterson *wants* to live here - I don't think you can get much more awesome than that).

Comment: This is a pretty significant loss :-( (Score 1) 93

by eagee (#46981537) Attached to: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Loses Deep Sea Vehicle
I visited the woods hole facility over the summer, and they truly run a top notch operation (keeping these vessels in one piece at that kind of pressure is insanely tricky - what they're doing is amazing). I'm really sorry to hear about this loss; I'm sure it's going to have a significant impact on important research they're doing.

Comment: Diva or not, you need two out of three things... (Score 1) 356

by eagee (#44823705) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are 'Rock Star' Developers a Necessity?
There are three things that people really care about in an employee, quality work, meeting deadlines, and a pleasant attitude - and you only really need two out of those three. If you do good work and it's on time people will put up with how unpleasant you are, if your work is good and you're easy to get along with people will put up with missed deadlines, if you're on time and always a pleasure to be around people will put up with work that's not as good as everyone else. Ideally you want to shoot for three out of three, but sometimes you have to settle for less.

Comment: Re:It's to bad (Score 1) 546

by eagee (#43493077) Attached to: Changing the Ratio of Women In Tech: How Etsy Did It
This is such bullshit. Women *were* the first programmers b/c it was a natural transition from touch typing to writing code. You know, women like the one who created the Liskoff Substitution Principle!? You know, Barbara Liskoff? Women were some of the most significant innovators in the field!

The reason women aren't in programming anymore is because there was a massive campaign to make programming a male dominated profession in the 60's and it's just stuck since then. It's a shame that you have such a bigoted, short signed, idiotic attitude about women. ( ...or even intense thinking? what the fuck is wrong with you and the idiots that modded you up as "insightful"?)

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