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Submission + - AVira partners with with Uniblue and ASK toolbar (

e_AltF4 writes: Do you expect your antivirus company to shove ASK toolbar down your throat through an update? They even recommend ill-reputed Uniblue software in addition.
Avira FreeAV does it with their latest SP2 update. Gone are the days you could recommend FreeAV to your friends and family — time to look into Avast's free alternative.

Comment Re:No. A phone is not a phone. (Score 1) 636

Get a netbook then... the primary function for my phone is to make and receive phone calls.

Well, yes. When I use the phone app, I really do care about making and receiving a phone call. But I don't find myself firing up the phone app near as much as I'm checking my email, calendar, web, navigation / maps, etc. Heck - I spend more hours reading books on my Droid than I do talking to people. I could do all the same things with a netbook. But I couldn't put that in my pocket.

Comment Re:Just like desktop linux. (Score 1) 636

Not only that, in a pinch I can use a friggin' Windows XP video driver in Windows 7, which I needed to do to get 3D to work on a Dell C610 - that's a Pentium III running Windows 7. As easy as it is to knock Windows for its faults, that's pretty damn good compatability.

With so much luck, you should go to Vegas:)

Cause I have an Athlon64, which works fine (well as fine windows can) with XP, but Windows 7 does not load at all. And in another Athlon64, Windows7 does not play the sound (XP does), nor does it find the NIC of the motherboard. And you know, Autocad2005-2007 won't work on Windows7 (they work on XP).

On the other hand Linux (Open SuSE) worked from day 1, in 64bits, and it installed in half an hour, full with all the apps.

Comment Re:I have sat next to these guys. (Score 1) 940

Not everyone in a wheelchair is fat and requires two chairs. If a person needed to fly and had to lie down then they would probably charge extra for that (if they could facilitate that) just as if you consider being obese a disability, then they get charged for the inconvenience to others. Just because you handicap doesn't mean you get a free ride through life.

Comment Re:Smartest workflow move ....ever! (Score 1) 401

Your are right. Kind of. The bug is listed for kde4 ( except they claim it's not really a bug because there is no standard that say that a utility window should be on top.

I really don't understand how there can be a X window manager standard which say that a window can be an "utility window", without describing what kind of behaviour such a window should have.

Comment oh dear (Score 4, Insightful) 336

sounds great - although, i can hear the customes complaining 'i cant find internet explorer'! i love the alternative browsers , but cant help feel the 'average consumer' doesn't really care that much? i have actually installed firefox on family members computers, and couldnt really answer ( with info that they found useful ) what the difference was... my family dont really care to much about usability compliance and security ( well - until theyre shot down themselves with it! )

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