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Comment: Rise, after fall (Score 2) 333

by eSyr (#45765565) Attached to: Rise of the Super-High-Res Notebook Display
First, in mid-2000's there was ThinkPad T42 with 2048×1536 option (not saying about rather common 1600×1200 resolution). Then, 4:3 was screwed and 1920×1200 became the new standard. And then, there were NO FUCKING NOTEBOOK WITH VERTICAL RESOLUTION GREATER THAN 1080 PIXELS FOR TWO FUCKING GENERATIONS (Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, namely; except Apple MacBooks, of course). So, if you want your real estate, you stuck with your aging Nehalem-based (or core-based) laptop and can't buy any new laptop without DECREASING your working resolution. And even now, with all those shiny new screens, they are all 16:9 (and there are some 21:9 weirdness which i'm afraid would be the new standard), which do not add any usability and do not increase productivity. And there weren't any problems with custom DPI for, like, 7 years, thanks EDID. Okay, not in X.

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