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Comment: French solution (Score 1) 327 327

Hello, I am living in france and my mobile phone provider is "Free" (the brand Among the included services, I have the possibility to send myself SMS from any computer for free (no charge). The api is very simple: curl -k "!"

Comment: Re:But (Score 1) 640 640

Incredible, I have found another one who likes gnome 3. I have left windows to only use ubuntu since many years, but when they changed the desktop I tried mint. I do not like it very much. Then my wife got a laptop with win8. It was terrible. She asked for unix like the main house computer. I installed ubuntu configured with a cynamon desktop.
2 years ago, I bought a computer for my (very old) father. I installed it with ubuntu gnome. I reinstalled my main computer a month ago (mint was outdated and advised a full reinstall). I chose again ubuntu gnome.
I am very happy with gnome 3.

Comment: Re:I'll pass... (Score 1) 187 187

My son is not named Florian because of him: I did not want my son to have the same name as this disgusting guy. All the media were repeating his stupid "analysis" on oracle vs google case. In the end, he was completely wrong on every points. I do not understand how people can give him any credibility. Is it possible on slashdot to blacklist any article that contain his name ?

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