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Comment Working remotly at least available on windows (Score 1) 125

When I was student (around 1992), I have worked remotely using vi and a text terminal (minitel) using 1200 bauds modem. I have also used export DISPLAY between locations separated by 500 km. It was far more usable than nowadays with ADSL. I think Microsoft has worked a lot to avoid that this kind of features arrives on Windows. I hope this will become mainstream quickly. But, damn! 25 years!

Comment Since she arrived at yahoo, (Score 1) 159

she has succeeded in changing the image of the society. It was hopelessly dying. Now, it is still not very healthy, but the reputation has improved a lot. Such a success in a society where shareholders are such dicks, I think she is really strong. If the stupid shareholders fire Marissa Meyer, I close my yahoo email account and I remove my bookmarks on yahoo.

Comment is is sure that sport is good for employers ? (Score 1) 206

I am contractant in a society where many staff people are doing a lot of sport. I do not much exercise and I am almost never on leave because of sickness (2 days in 20 years). There are many accidents in sports. Many sportiv people have to go to the doctor or to the kine often during the work time. There are most probably health benefits of doing exercise, but it is far from obvious that this gives any financial return for the employer. And when employees leave on retirement, they will most probably cost longer.

I do not know why employers seeking sportiv employees is a so widely accepted mantra. I have never seen a serious study that proves there are any benefits.

Comment I think blocking is inefficient (Score 1) 267

At my work, they are blocking a lot (using bluecoat filter). Results: I have squid running in the cloud,I am connected via a ssh tunnel and chrome shortcut has the option --proxy-server= to bypass entirely the entreprise block. Many people have similar work arounds.
At a previous job, there was almost no block, but the intranet was giving a link to a page where we could monitor the time spend on all the websites during the month. I think this kind of monitoring (added to the usual signature of a policy chart) is a good deterrent for all abuses.
Filtering software are smarter and smarter. They are expensive, people complain. And they are an invitation to find work arounds. I think its best to get rid of them.

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