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+ - Forensics Expert says Al-Qaeda Images Altered

Submitted by WerewolfOfVulcan
WerewolfOfVulcan writes: Wired reports that researcher Neal Krawetz revealed some veeeeeery interesting things about the Al-Qaeda images that our government loves to show off.

From the article: "Krawetz was also able to determine that the writing on the banner behind al-Zawahiri's head was added to the image afterward. In the second picture above showing the results of the error level analysis, the light clusters on the image indicate areas of the image that were added or changed. The subtitles and logos in the upper right and lower left corners (IntelCenter is an organization that monitors terrorist activity and As-Sahab is the video production branch of al Qaeda) were all added at the same time, while the banner writing was added at a different time, likely around the same time that al-Zawahiri was added, Krawetz says." Why would Al-Qaeda add an IntelCenter logo to their video? Why would IntelCenter add an Al-Qaeda logo? Methinks we have bigger fish to fry than Gonzo and his fired attorneys... }:-) The article contains links to Krawetz's presentation and the source code he used to analyze the photos.

+ - How to effectively combine two different IT teams?

Submitted by
buddylee writes: "I work at a mid-sized company that has recently merged two divisions into one larger division. Thankfully, they have retained all the staff, but now the IT department has doubled in size and quadrupled in complexity. Each division has different source control software, development platforms, databases, and ways of doing things. Some practices are used by both companies (they both use Java for instance), but the details are different (one division uses struts, one uses jsf).

What is the best way to combine the practices of these two divisions into one standardized way of doing business without injuring anyone's pride or forcing unwanted change? At this point, the people in each division aren't talking to each other and the "grunts" on each side have no real idea what their counterpart in the new division is doing. Is this a situation that can be remedied without losing productivity and personnel?"

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