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Comment Re:Batter prices. (Score 1) 130

I'll have to chase up the supplier and see what they've been developing - www.plasmatronics.com.au - the website is geocities-bad but the products are good, and the support is great, e.g. my older, secondary controller which was slaved to the main controller developed a fault and kept resetting. It was way out of warranty but they fixed it free anyway.

The PL series from them are reasonably smart as far as lead-acid technology goes - PWM, adjustable boost/absorb/float cycle timing, presets for flooded-cell or sealed gel-cell, periodic equalisation, ability to switch to a secondary battery bank or alternative load when bank 1 reaches float, etc, but I've not seen anything relating to lithium technology. It wouldn't be a problem if I had to put in new controllers for a lithium battery bank - the PL controllers are very desirable on the second-hand market.

Comment Re:Yay for price drop (Score 1) 130

Lithium battery technology needs much more sophisticated charge/discharge/monitoring controllers than lead-acid. There's a bit of way to go before domestic PV/battery controllers are up to the task.

My current set of lead-acid batteries will be at end-of-life in about 5 years, so it might be feasible to replace them with lithium at that time.

Comment Re: DNA testing of waste? (Score 4, Informative) 175

Foreign animal in your yard? Don't you have the right to "restrain" said animal, and call the local authority to retrieve it?

When your neighbours have to start paying $X every time they let their animals stray, they'll soon do something about it.

I had to restrain a neighbour's dog once for hassling my free-range hens. I didn't mistreat it, merely grabbed it by the collar, walked it to the neighbour's place, and advised the neighbour of my rights regarding animals on my property - said rights including shooting her dog if it was hassling, attacking, or even playfully chasing my chickens. She wasn't aware of the rules concerning domestic and farm animals in rural areas, and, to her credit, apologised and promised to never let it happen again. And it didn't.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 5, Funny) 175

Well, what about allowing a credit for people who do the right thing and pick up after their pets?

After they pick up the poo, they mail it into the relevant authority (along with a photo of the act, and a close-up of the dogs' ID tags/barcodes/whatever), and said authority issues them a credit against the cost of the poo-pickup-tax.

I mean, who wouldn't want to mail some poo to a govt. department?

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 284

NT4 Server on a DEC Alpha box, running MS Exchange 5.5 in 128MB RAM. That thing ran for years without a fault or unscheduled downtime, until one of the disc controller cards gave up the ghost. Couldn't find a replacement card, so we had to restore the backup onto the new machine - W2K server with Exchange 2K!

Comment Re:I wonder if it will offer international access? (Score 1) 42

Hell no. From my limited exposure (hence the desire to hear more of it), there's an enormous variety of styles - modern/pop, tribal (for want of a better word), protest, rock, and yes, even rap. But what I heard earlier this afternoon had little to distinguish it from what I've heard on american - specifically USofA - rap-focussed stations.

I'd like to hear some variety - as I said above, there were 4 sequential tracks of rap, and that's where I lost interest.

Comment Re:I wonder if it will offer international access? (Score 1) 42

I just went to the website and clicked on the player for the free stream. The first track sounded very much like rap. So did the second track. And the third track, and the fourth track.

If I want to listen to hip-hop/rap, I'll listen to a hip-hop/rap station - not one that claims to play african music.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 231

My example was perhaps an outlier. I have 8GB in a Core i7 machine. That machine spends perhaps a quarter of its powered-on time rendering video. When that happens, it tops out on RAM - fortunately it's possible within the Adobe suite to limit the amount of RAM that it has access to, so I only give it access to about 6.5GB RAM, leaving the machine able to still run email and a couple of browser tabs without bogging down in swap.

Due to the nature of the Adobe product (and I've seen this complaint on user forums), the machine does NOT top out on CPU whilst rendering - maybe 70 or 80 %.

So, when rendering, there's some processing capacity unused (yes, I also have sloppy software), but I have to place an artificial limit on RAM access to leave me space to do other work at the same time (although I like your idea of going out to dinner).

Having read about other people turning off the windows pagefile when RAM is 8GB or greater, I decided to try an experiment. I rendered a video file with the pagefile on, then switched off the pagefile and rendered it again. There was no discernable difference in the amount of time taken to complete the job. I didn't control for all variables, but I've since left the pagefile off and haven't noticed any slowdowns.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 231

1. There are these things called firmware and APIs, to allow access to the functions that hardware can provide, even functions not originally envisaged by the manufacturers. An SSHD manufacturer could provide firmware with an API to allow it to be used as reserved memory cache.

2. 24GB of RAM on a workstation, and it still wants to swap? That's either lazy work practices, sloppy application software, or you need to consider a minicomputer for your work. I used to run a minicomputer with 48 MB of main memory - yes, megabytes - supporting ~200 green screen terminals and a similar number of PCs - and they had sub-second response times with interactive application software. If a 24GB workstation still wants to swap memory pages, you're asking too much of it.

3. What I do on my PC earns me money, is that not worthwhile? The particular project that I 'braved' with no windows pagefile was an edit of footage of interviews with ageing WWII veterans, to preserve their stories. Would you consider that worthwhile?

Judgemental much? What part of the spectrum are you on?

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