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Comment Re:Cryptography (Score 1) 508

Or the hacker figures out passwords because no one can memorize a truly difficult password, so they use their dead son's name or their wedding anniversary. Seriously, read Feynman's memoirs about his time in the Manhattan Project, where they were so concerned about security that the janitorial staff had to be illiterates, yet he was able to open most safes with just a few tries.

Comment Re:Royalty (Score 1) 508

Why? To have an excuse for the French actress to walk around naked and for Steve Railsback to try to break out of being typecast as the Charles Manson character.

Lifeforce - a worthy successor to the Hammer Films oevre.

Comment Re:Missing a target with a laser weapon (Score 1) 508

You are forgetting multiple facts:
1) The Imperial laser fires a short burst, only a couple light-feet in duration, from the documentaries, and requires a long recharge so that it cannot serve as a laser hose, unlike an AK. The storm troopers cannot just sweep an arc. Personally, I think that the battle droids were better than the storm troopers of Luke's early adulthood.
2) Accurate shooting is more difficult than Westerns would have you believe. There are multiple stories of cops and suspects exchanging fire, emptying their pistols at each other at point blank range, and neither hitting the other.
3) Leia, at least, can have an unconscious Force field deflecting shots (maybe by confusing the aiming of her attackers); Luke and Vader, Obiwan Kenobi and other full Jedi obviously would have such, as would the secret master villain, Jar Jar Binks.
4) The Death Star was the first crack at its design, and had obvious flaws that a few less-than-genius ship designers would have handled at the start, but it was clearly one genius's project. Modern carriers depend mainly on their Carrier Group (including their planes, of course) for defense, and if you ever visited them, Frank Lloyd Wright's building had major problems as buildings rather than as works of Art that has led to almost all of them being museums of FLW's work rather than homes or office buildings.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 240

The reason that he shouldn't pay taxes on his shares is that his FB shares have not been used in any taxable event (like being sold or conveyed to another). Whether FB is doing anything or paying anything is beside the point; it pays its own bills and/or taxes regardless of the actions of any of its shareholders, even a majority owner (if Z. is).

To assert that he should pay more on non-taxable events, such as just owning his FB shares, is to identify themselves as clients of the government, or wannabe clients at least. Entirely to be expected from ACs.

Comment Re:Interesting. I took advantage of the same thing (Score 1) 240

All that happened is that you didn't bother with the step of converting your shares to cash before donating them, and the charity didn't have to convert the money donated back into the original stock, with stock brokers taking at cut on either end. Congratulations, there are some stockbrokers' children going to bed hungry, tonight, by your actions :-)

Comment Re:ObXKCD (Score 1) 90

So you're saying it'd be really hot if math and biology got together?

Not if he thinks that math is male. Then it would just be math wanting to screw biology, which would want nothing to do with math.

Now if biology got together with exobiology . . . (lascivious grin)

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