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Comment: Re:How much power comparatively? (Score 1) 152

by dwinks616 (#34764378) Attached to: Samsung Develops Power-Sipping DDR4 Memory
The moment the hard drive spins up to try and page a program to disk, any power savings is more than negated. I wouldn't consider 2GB as "more than enough", maybe 3 or 4GB, but 2 is barely acceptable for running a modern browser with dozens of tabs open, an office program or two, and a few other productivity apps and maybe something like iTunes.

Comment: Re:So... (Score 1) 263

by dwinks616 (#34711462) Attached to: The Significant Decline of Spam
Which provider do you use for your email? I use gmail, and among the hundreds of spams my oldest account receives, it's exceptionally rare for any to make it past the filter, perhaps 2-3 a year. For a while, a couple years ago, I would get 2-3 a week on that account, then google sprinkled some googledust on the servers and it's now practically non-existent.

Comment: Then what? (Score 1) 371

by dwinks616 (#34609704) Attached to: Free Radicals May Not Be Cause of Aging

This new evidence shows that high levels of Reactive Oxidative species are rather a biological signal used to combat aging then the process itself.

Then the process itself what? Doesn't seem like the author of this statement made it through the second half of third grade where the difference between "then" and "than" is taught...

Comment: Re:Who cares? Not Joe six-pack... (Score 1) 205

by dwinks616 (#34585960) Attached to: NSS Labs Browser Report Says IE Is the Best, Google Disagrees
Google provides many products and services that I use and like. I've never once had a Google ad which had something like "buy these window drapes, they go great with that new couch you bought last week". In fact, I've clicked on a few Google ads over the years (and ZERO other ads) simply because the product in the ad actually moderately interested me. As for the information "chrome passes to Google", well, that's no more information than they get from simply from tracking the links someone clicks in a Google search. I've never once been wronged by Google, or had them deleteriously affect my life. I don't see any harm in them knowing I frequent slashdot, xkcd, wikipedia, and click on many science and tech news articles throughout the day. I don't see any harm in them knowing I use their search engine to troubleshoot computer issues all day at work. If they use that information to serve me small, unobtrusive ads based on that information, and use said revenue to pay for stuff like Docs and Gmail, that's fine with me. I'd rather have them track my browsing habits, and have targeted ads than pay money for those services. It's not like some person is sitting around at google actively watching your every click, laughing, and choosing what ads to send you, it's all machines, and with hundreds of millions a day, they literally don't have time to put a human in front of that data, and never will.

Comment: Re:I saw this (Score 1) 270

by dwinks616 (#34551438) Attached to: Watch 200 Years of Global Growth In 4 Minutes
Infant mortality rate is honestly not that important. Sure, to the parents, when little timmy dies it's a horrible loss, but to be blunt, infants are nothing more than screaming poop factories. Given the choice between living in a country with a life expectancy of 50 and nearly no infant deaths or one with a life expectancy of 500 and a 50% infant death rate, I'll choose the latter.

Comment: Re:Windows-only game? (Score 1) 231

by dwinks616 (#34546782) Attached to: <em>The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim</em> Announced for November 2011
A game controller was originally designed to control games that consisted of moving left/right or up/down and possibly doing a single action, such as jump/shoot. Stuff like Pong, pacman, etc. 25 years or so of progression and the controllers keep adding more buttons, analog sticks. If I'm trying to click on a control, select an inventory item, pan my screen around, or any other number of things, I'd MUCH rather have the speed AND accuracy a mouse provides. Analog sticks are far slower or far less accurate for manipulating a cursor, and they are far less suited to panning a screen around, such as in first person shooters. As for the keyboard, I'd much rather hit the J key to bring up my in game journal than Right-shoulder 1 + 2 + X or some shit, since you only have a few buttons and are forced to memorize button combinations for every non-common tasks that can't have a single button dedicated to it.

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