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Comment: Re:Misleading to call it "non-copied" (Score 1) 657

by dwiget001 (#38838095) Attached to: Non-Copied Photo Is Ruled Copyright Infringement
Ideas are not covered by copyright -- patents do that. In the case of a work, like a photograph, the idea of a picture, even of the same item, area, etc. as revealed in the article, are not the same picture. No copyright infringement is involved here, the judge is very clearly wrong.

Comment: Re:Head Start? (Score 1) 228

by The_Quinn (#37536302) Attached to: Australian Aboriginal DNA Suggests 70,000-Year History
Technology and freedom are the most important tools to achieving abundant habitation & agriculture. Not to mention temperature. We need the sustained high temperatures of the last 6000 years of interglacial to persist. (Most of the last 1/2 a million years was spent in ice ages; all of civilization developed during the current interglacial)

Comment: Re:Oh my (Score 1) 630

by The_Quinn (#34874974) Attached to: The Logical Leap: Induction In Physics
My guess is that you've only seen bad philosophies, and have thus turned away from the subject matter. However, nobody can escape philosophy.

When you look out at the world and make decisions about how to direct your life's actions, you are being guided by philosophy, whether implicitly or explicitly.

Questions like: "Is science valid?", "Is the universe knowable?", "What should I do now?" are all philosophical questions.

Comment: Re:5 page paper? (Score 1) 539

by dwiget001 (#33455330) Attached to: Facebook Post Juror Gets Fined, Removed, Assigned Homework
I was called to jury duty once, 1994. During the questioning of prospective jurors, I was asked a question about whether I could follow the judge's instructions on how to apply the law to the the case. I answered "There are two schools of thought on this, 1) that the jury must follow such instructions and 2) that the judge has no business instructing the jury on anything. I subscribe to the later." This got me a very dirty look from the judge, followed by her furiously typing something in about my answer. Needless to say, I was not picked as a juror that day. And, 16 years later, I have never been called back for jury duty. That may just be the odds of being called, however, I think the judge's note (whatever it was) was probably along the lines of "Never, ever summon this person for jury duty ever again!!!!"

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