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Comment: This statement is BS... (Score 1) 143

by duwde (#30110180) Attached to: Hackers Fail To Crack Brazilian Voting Machines
I'm Brazilian and this media statement is full os shit, why ? 1st - To try to hack it you had to submit a paper telling EVERYTHING you would try to hack... Any hacker knows that "hacking" isn't easy, and you must adjust your techniques every time, so it is virtually impossible to design a paper telling what you're going to do. Hacking isn't simply mathematics and scheduled procedures... 2nd - They would allow you very limited access to the voting machine in a controlled everinoment and on a limited time. Hacking takes days to understand the code, flaws ans possible ways to exploit it. It can't be done under pressure in a few days. 3rd - No REAL hacker would show his personal information and submit it to the goverment. Why ? It's very clear that everyone who enlisted was added to a federal police database of "possible suspects" and only the winner (almost impossible to archive, due the circunstances) would gain anything. So the chance of winning was very low, and being exposed wasn't worth the try. If they want a REAL test, they must: 1 - Allow anyone read the full source-code 2 - Put some of those voting machines on the internet with full-access. (login and passwords) 3 - Let us try anything without pressure. 4 - Offer a REAL prize, like US$100.000. 5 - Get a chance to try to hack it without being exposed in the first-hand. Of course whoever wins must reveal his identity, but only the winner (and everything that would come from that) would be known. That said, it was just a media statement... I can BET there are a lot of flaws in the system...

Comment: They deserve it !! (Score 1) 789

by duwde (#28267335) Attached to: iPhone Users Angry Over AT&T Upgrade Policy
The only thing I can say is, THEY DESERVE IT !! Apple products are made for fools, so why are you all complaning ? * They sell it locked for abusive prices, unlocks are gettings harder every day (and there is no real unlock for 3g, like it was possible in 2g, only the yellowsnow thing in some 3g, but it is NOT a real baseband unlock. * They wanna charge for downloaded applications * They don't understand we want it UNLOCKED and not at abusive prices. That's why I keep using my Nokia. I pay to make my life EASIER, not harder... People signing contracts are fools to think apple is really caring about anything other their revenue...

Comment: I see no problems with ESTA. (Score 1) 734

by duwde (#26432109) Attached to: Visitors To US Now Required To Register Online
I see no problem with ESTA, I filled it a month ago and I was approved immediatly, no problem whatsoever. It's way better than have to fill those forms manually or in the airplane/border. A lot of people from other countries can't enjoy the ESTA "easyness" and have to get a proper USA visa, and be sure it is not easy to get one... so I'm still very happy with ESTA.

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