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Comment: Re:heh (Score 1) 176

by durnurd (#44651353) Attached to: Single Developer Responsible For Over 47k Apps In BlackBerry World

The excellent developer tools are just icing on an already tasty cake.

Are you implying that the developer tools for Blackberry are excellent? I've worked extensively with developer tools for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile 6.5 when that was a thing, J2ME, and, yes, Blackberry. Blackberry's tools aren't the *worst* of the mobile platforms available... but they're pretty close.

Comment: Re:Jeez are we still doing this? (Score 1) 78

by durnurd (#43701843) Attached to: Google Play Games Leaks Ahead of I/O
They don't need access to your contacts and call logs, but that permission is the same that allows them to retrieve an ID unique to your device in the form of your IMEI/MEID. There are better ways to do this, even ones that don't even require any permissions. Most companies still do it this way either for backwards compatibility (from when the other better ways were either non-existent or were not completely unique) or because of third-party libraries that require it for similar reasons. Usually this means ad networks, but it can also mean third-party gaming services, like OpenFeint (when that was still around), that want to connect you to all your games without needing an explicit login. It looks like with this new Google Play Games thing, that obstacle will be overcome by using your Google+ account instead. But that doesn't mean the permission will go away. The ad networks still need to be able to figure out who you are.

Comment: Re:Phasers (Score 1) 158

by durnurd (#36157332) Attached to: Celebrating the Sci-fi Ray Gun
Well, there are things that make phasers superior, such as different settings (stun, kill, vaporize) much more ammo (not sure if you'd call it limitless, but I've never seen them need to recharge one), and presumably lighter and more compact than carrying guns with real bullets around. Although I tend to agree that speed is a major component of most weapons, and they've certainly done something wrong by making them so much slower.

Comment: Re:BSG chose bullets over lasers (Score 1) 158

by durnurd (#36157280) Attached to: Celebrating the Sci-fi Ray Gun
My physics (and Mass Effect) is a bit rusty, but I had assumed that the element zero in the weapon causes the "grain of sand" to have an increased mass, thus an increased momentum (p=mv) , thus making it harder to affect by wind and more damaging than it might otherwise be (at the normal mass of a grain of sand).

Comment: Re:August (Score 2, Funny) 1146

by durnurd (#28956419) Attached to: Navigating a Geek Marriage?

I have to agree. I always used to apply logical operations on sematic operands (and don't tell me you've never done it: Do you want to wear pants or shorts? Yes!)

This only gets more annoying as other people listen to you over time! Natural Language Processing lets you still answer the question correctly while not pissing of your spouse.

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