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Comment Re:I admire their spunk, but... (Score 0) 275 275

How did you write such a long and seemingly well thought out response when you know so little about this subject? The mining is essentially the transaction log of all bitcoins. In addition to that being a beneficial side-effect, it's an extremely elegant solution to the problem of a centralized clearing house.

Comment Re:Call me when we have instant transfer of data (Score 0) 156 156

This comment is wrong. Imagine that the sender and receiver were sufficiently far apart, say a million light years. Quantum entanglement would allow them to have faster than light communication even if it was being "encrypted" and "decrypted" with a commodore 64.

Comment Re:laptop desktop for business? (Score 1) 645 645

I'm responding from an airport lounge after two weeks in a different country with no permanent office. I do this every three to four weeks. Any more questions?

I was referring to the apples to oranges argument of desktops to laptops that this article seems to make. I understand that laptops are portable computers.

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