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Comment: Re:Merchandising within merchandising (Score 2) 254

by dufachi (#43648493) Attached to: EA Is the Game Company Disney Was Looking For
Where's My Force Lightning?
An anthropomorphic tie-fighter movie
The full Episode 4 using Disney iconic characters with the witch from Sleeping Beauty as Darth Vader
Star Wars Social - beg your friends to help you outfit your own Jedi college that randomly gets murdered by a rogue Jedi turning to the dark side.

Comment: Re:Raise the price of books and see a mass exodus (Score 1) 155

I'm not really willing to pay more than $10 for an ebook. If these independents want to cry because people aren't buying dead-tree editions, perhaps it's time they started their own ebook farms. I doubt their suit will get any real attention by the courts. It'd be like record stores angrily suing iTunes because people like their music in digital format. Come to this century.

Comment: Re:Demand More (Score 1) 665

by dufachi (#42773939) Attached to: As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow To a Trickle

That's okay. Slashdot will whine and cry about how they don't even want to pay for streaming music and fully advocate piracy.

Exactly right, they'll tell you all music 'wants to be free' and that artists like Ms. Keating should make all her money from paid performances.

Well, if I listen to an over-the-air radio station in my home or car, I don't pay for that. Please explain why I should have to pay for music that is streamed over the internet complete with advertising? I would be happy to pay for streaming music if it were ad-free.

Comment: Re:Rather than suing... (Score 1) 578

by dufachi (#40105749) Attached to: Fox Sues Dish Over "Auto Hop" Ad-Skipping Feature

...why not just forbid Dish from carrying their channel?

(Oh, yes, because they can't. Dish's HD DVRs can take an ATSC signal and record from that, and any home that's capable of erecting a satellite dish can erect a normal UHF/VHF antenna too. That's one thing I really rather like about Dish Network.)

Still, they could try, and then Dish subscribers - who don't want to erect an additional antenna - would be denied access to great shows like House, 24, Dollhouse, Terminator: Sarach Connor Chronicles, Firefly, Dark Angel... {insert rest of updated Family Guy skit here}

I think only one of those shows is still on the air. ;)

Comment: Re:Ever bought a used car? (Score 2) 423

by dufachi (#39751505) Attached to: If You Resell Your Used Games, the Terrorists Win

If Mr. Browne has ever purchased a used car, borrowed a book, DVD, or CD, then he is a hypocritical schmuck.

To be fair here, the Movie Industry and the Recording Industry BOTH want dib dollars on resells of those product. Car manufacturers get money from parts (even the off-brand ones).

I will however agree on books. Publishers aren't going all crazy-talk about how used book stores are ruining the industry and a reason to sell the first-day hardcovers for double the price they should be.

I still call shenanigans.

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