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Comment Re:Way too many problems (Score 1) 74

In the Linux world, I guess we would call this "natural selection" ;-)

I've been using Arch Linux as both a work and a personal desktop for over a year now. What am I doing that you're not, or vice versa?

Arch excels at its primary purpose. It's by far the best linux distro I've used, and I've tried many (for serious work not just tinkering).

Comment Re:Put away your pitch forks (Score 2) 553

I always thought there was a kind of natural selection happening in the linux world.

If systemD is so bad, how is it now the standard in pretty much every distro? It must serve some purpose. On the other hand, complaining about it seems to serve no purpose at all. If the teams who put together every distro thought this way, they wouldn't have used it. No doubt there are some distros that don't use it.

I just don't see the point in all of these complaints. What good does it do?

The existing systems must be inferior in some way - maybe even just PR? If systemD really isn't a better toaster, then either build one that is, or get into discussions with distro makers. That seems to me to be a far better course of action than continually complaining to peers about how bad systemD is and how it's taking over linux.

Comment Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 629

Does Google even have any devices currently running 4.3?

I think it would be nice if they patched it, but the patch would still need to be picked up by manufacturers and released to carriers and then to phones.

The manufacturers could just as easily patch it themselves. Not that this lets Google off the hook.

Comment Re:Battler (Score 2) 291

Saying that other people are worse than is not a valid argument. It doesn't improve our score one bit. It just adds to the list of people we should be disappointed in.

Our treatment of refugees is disgusting. I don't care who does it even worse. It doesn't make what we do any better. It most definitely doesn't make it acceptable.

Comment Re:it is the wrong way... (Score 5, Informative) 291

It gives companies who pollute less an advantage, and it gives businesses an incentive to look into renewable energy.

For example:
Electricity prices would go up but only until it became cheaper to get solar, and at that point the price war resumes. Customers will not pay higher prices if there is a cheaper alternative, and so a carbon tax opens up an advantage for technologies that cause less polution.

Besides, the stats in Australia show that the carbon tax was working.

Comment Re:more leisure time for humans! (Score 1) 530

I would like to see a world where Foxconn is free to do this but is forced to find equivalent/suitable work for any employees that are made redundant. If a company is "hiring" robots specifically to save costs, and human jobs are made redundant in the process, then the company should be responsible for those humans.

But alas, I'm probably dreaming and it'll never happen :(

Greed and profits always seem to win out over basic humanity...

Comment Re:Debuggers (Score 1) 294

Learn to read. I was commenting on people that need debuggers, like in the OP? Using a debugger and needing one are two different things.

Are you kidding?

Yes they are different, but they are related, as follows:

If you need a debugger but don't use one, you're an idiot.
If you use a debugger but don't need to, you're just wasting time.

You've yet to demonstrate that anyone ACTUALLY doesn't need to use one (as opposed to just thinking they are so good they don't need one)...but that's another issue I think.

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