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Comment: Email to publiccomplaints@soca.x.gsi.gov.uk (Score 2) 310

by dud83 (#39042383) Attached to: UK Law Enforcement Starts Seizing Music Blogs
I emailed publiccomplaints@soca.x.gsi.gov.uk the following: To whom it may concern, The message on rnbxclusive.com states the following: Your IP Your Browser Your OS Time / Date my_ip Firefox10.0.1 WinNT 09:00:26 15/02/2012 "The above information can be used to identify you and your location. SOCA has the capability to monitor and investigate you, and can inform your internet service provider of these infringements. You may be liable for prosecution and the fact that you have received this message does not preclude you from prosecution." According to Norwegian laws it is illegal for you to store personal information about me, outside Norway, without my consent and due reason for storing such data. I have never visited rnbxclusive.com before today so you cannot possibly have any proof that I have committed a criminal offence. Secondly, you operate under UK law which does not apply to me as a Norwegian citizen. In summary: I demand that you immediately remove all data you have collected in regards to my person. Please confirm as soon as this has been done. Failure to comply may result in SOCA being liable for criminal prosecution under Norwegian law. Regards, my_name

Comment: Not an anti-Mac ad (Score 1) 893

by dud83 (#24899101) Attached to: Seinfeld-Windows TV Ad Anything But 'Delicious'
This isn't an anti-mac ad, that's how you can't make sense of it... It's trying to tell you "if you buy cheap (Asus Eee, Aspire One etc), you get crap".
Buy cheap shoes, they don't fit. You get a stupid discount which everyone knows is so minute it doesn't matter in the long run. Buy cheap OS they don't work blah blah blah. IMO this ad is almost helping sell Macintosh, as it's even more expensive than Microsoft. But I don't think MS cares so much about Apple now because they shifted towards iPod, iPhone and other integrated products...

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