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Comment: Perl lets me do what I want (Score 4, Insightful) 192

by duckgod (#48955107) Attached to: Perl 6 In Time For Next Christmas?
I look forward to seeing what Perl 6 brings. However, I can't imagine it makes any improvements on the core reason I use Perl5. Perl puts no restrictions on how I program and I am able to get something running by myself faster than any other language.

I am an adult and when I am programming for my own enjoyment I don't want to be told how I have to program. I definitely don't want to have to worry about squeezing my design into some Object Oriented bullshit. I want to tabulate my code the way I feel best. If I want to enjoy some dynamic variable scoping so be it. Mix up some functional with some procedural go for it. Create some cryptic one liner that I won't understand later, live and learn.

Bonus points for still serving its original purpose stellarly. Give me some text and I will mold it to how I want. This is what a majority of commercial software does anyways.

Comment: Can't use duck test and rational argument (Score 5, Insightful) 67

This is complete bullshit. The argument for Aereo was always that if I can rent an apartment in the same city, hook a slingbox up to an antenna, and stream the tv to my second apartment is legal then so is Aereo. This is what I believe to be a solid legal argument. The Supreme Court decided to go with a walk like a cable company, quack like a cable company than follow the rules of a cable company. Judge Scalia had it right in the dissent "It is not the role of this Court to identify and plug loopholes. It is the role of good lawyers to identify and exploit them, and the role of Congress to eliminate them if it wishes,". This was a loophole around a bullshit law. But it was definitely logically legal loophole.

Now the Fox Lawyers are trying to use this bullshit duck test ruling backwards towards slingbox. Good for the court to quickly reject this Monty Python and the Holy Grail witch logic.

Comment: Knowledge base not social network (Score 4, Interesting) 131

by duckgod (#47376641) Attached to: Employees Staying Away From Internal Corporate Social Networks
A knowledge base is one of my company's most treasured resources. I can't stand the idea that two of my employees might share good info and the rest of my company would be locked out. I encourage all questions to be asked on the forum for anyone to answer. Then the info is easily searchable by everyone later on. I pay my employees for everything they produce in the office. Whether that be an end product or an aha moment.

Now to sell this as a social network is marketing bullshit. I have no use for people sharing vacation photos or making political remarks. Keep that shit on Facebook.

Comment: A language that lets you do whatever (Score 4, Insightful) 126

The thing that I have always loved about perl is the "there's more than one way to do it" philosophy. Perl lets me do whatever the fuck I want. If I am doing a project for my own enjoyment then I will do whatever I want that gets the job done the fastest. Yes maybe this makes it a bad language for large groups and production applications where programmers need to have restraints in order for the group to work harmoniously. But I am an adult and I don't want to be told what is right or wrong way to do something in my home.

Comment: The water in your example is Netflix. (Score 1) 361

by duckgod (#46275455) Attached to: Killing Net Neutrality Could Be Good For You
Your metaphor is off and is the point that ISPs are trying to use to exploit customers. Netflix is the product that I am purchasing. They could charge people who consume 10x as much 10x the amount ,but they choose not to. ISPs are nothing without content providers.

ISPs are just the roads that Netflix delivers the product to me on. There are costs to build and maintain that road. I pay a monthly amount to make sure those roads are up and functional so Netflix can deliver. Whether I choose to use those roads or not they are still there. The only problem comes up when too many people are using those roads concurrently. ISPs have made what I believe to be a fair compromise by setting a limit on how many deliveries I can order at once(bandwidth) to make sure everyone gets their deliveries on time.

Long story short roads are a much better metaphor for ISPs business. But if you have to use pipes remember that ISPs are not the ones producing the actual utility.

Comment: Talk about Knockout game.. (Score 4, Interesting) 124

by duckgod (#46228793) Attached to: How I Lost My Google Glass (and Regained Some Faith In Humanity)
Got an invite to purchase Google Glass last week. I was excited and had almost made the purchase before my coworker made the observation that if I wear them anywhere in downtown Rochester NY there is a good chance I will be mugged. I guess the moral of the story is until they make it not obvious that I am wearing $1500 on my head that this is probably an impractical accessory for anyone living where crime is at all prevalent.

Comment: Spent all mod points on Beta protest (Score 4, Informative) 573

by duckgod (#46169739) Attached to: HTML5 App For Panasonic TVs Rejected - JQuery Is a "Hack"
I would have modded you flamebait since you are using a reference that contradicts your statement in the first line on the site.- "jQuery and its cousins are great, and by all means use them if it makes it easier to develop your application."http://youmightnotneedjquery.c... #incaseyoumissedit

Comment: The Army of Ants should not get protection (Score 1) 606

by duckgod (#45718701) Attached to: Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

Business is war, not a matter of "gratitude" because employment isn't a "gift". Collective bargaining is the only way otherwise valueless workers have leverage. One ant is nothing, but an army of ants is very different.

Very true. But I have a problem when the Army of Ants start feeling that they have a right to always win because "They are real people." The world does not have an obligation to take the unions side. I as a rational outside observer I should be able to take the corporations side without the guilt.

My biggest problem is that people have the right to work. If a person does not want to join a union they should not have to. This includes strike-breakers. If it weakens the army to bad.

This is all disregarded in cases of public safety where the only rational choice is to have government intervention.

Comment: Re:Not Amazon's Fault (Score 4, Insightful) 606

by duckgod (#45713647) Attached to: Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

Is a CEO really worth the same as 10000 (or more) "workers"? No, of course not.

Yeah actually they are. Every decision a CEO makes is a decision with potentially billions on the line. A hundred workers could do their best to destroy the company and they won't be able to do as much damage as one decision by a CEO. CEOs are paid a lot because there is a high demand for people who won't make billion dollar fuck ups.

Comment: Faithful to Diablo 2 (Score 4, Interesting) 177

by duckgod (#45476419) Attached to: Game Review: <em>Path of Exile</em> (Video)
The thing that I enjoyed about Diablo 2 that Diablo 3 completely eliminated was my desire to create a new character build that no one thought of and make it the ultimate character. It is that pursuit of perfection that drained hundreds of hours away of my life for Diablo 2. I would get a character power leveled up to around 70. Try out a build. If it didn't work I had the punishment of having to do another series of power levels to try again.

Diablo 3 not only failed to replicate this excitement, but they took every possible step to ensure that I wouldn't. I got a few of the characters up to max level in a month. Then there is no reason to ever create another character of that class because there are infinite skill respec. Ok fine, Let me pursue the ultimate equipment. Oh wait I can spend a 100 hours grinding or dump $100 in RMAH and get it. There is no point. I might as well be playing Cookie Clicker.

That being said Path of Exile does a good job at giving this experience. Lots of skill combinations combined with deep leveling system works well. I feel like there is still a perfect build out there I can pursue.

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