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Comment Re:Does indeed happen. (Score 1) 634

Has anyone ever had an experience where they were positive they had a good chance at the job, but nothing came of it?.

It does happen from time to time. I had an on-site interview that went well. My last interview was with the CEO and founder of the medium-sized company, and he said, "If you've made it this far, you basically have the job." One week later I got rejected via email from a woman in HR I had never met or talked to. Sadly, I'll never know the full story.

Comment Re:I could see buying one (Score 1) 462

I personally don't like the big video screen being used for controls. In my "analog" car I can change the radio station, adjust the temperature, and turn on the AC with convenient knobs and buttons that I know where to find without even looking and I get good tactile response. My in-law's Lexus has a smaller screen to do this and it was always in the wrong mode and difficult for the driver to quickly change the temperature or radio due to having to change modes.

That said, the screen would be nice for watching videos, but please, not to control the car's functions.

I completely agree. The touch-screen panel reminds me of the BMW iDrive system -- it's technically neat, but flawed in practice. I'd rather not be touching buttons on a touch screen or dialing around to navigate menus while driving for my own (and others') safety.

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