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Comment Re:Wasn't that DirectX or XNA? (Score 1) 66 66

Personally I'd like to buy a game via my PC or mobile device and have it delivered to my XBox. Kind of like the method for buying music.

This functionality has been implemented for a while now with Xbox One if you have the Power Mode set to instant on. I've purchased games or selected demos via web browser on my PC or Smartglass on my phone and the games were downloaded automatically.

Comment Re:Unless you change it (Score 2) 688 688

Not a UI/UX designer so I have to ask, why have designers hidden these basic menus in most browsers these days? Is it because they want their browser to be "cleaner" by default? For me the 20 or so pixels that are saved by hiding the menu bar isn't worth the inconvenience of always having to turn these menus back on. I can't recall anyone I know mentioning how they hate the file menu and wish it were hidden by default on a PC.

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