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Comment Re:Thoughtful tweaks (Score 1) 113

If wanting a user interface that doesn't try to hide those pesky buttons and menus from you makes me self-entitled, then yes I am. I'm all for changes to user interfaces that actually help users, but hiding and removing buttons and menus from a desktop browser isn't helping anyone who actually uses Firefox daily, which I do.

Comment Thoughtful tweaks (Score 4, Insightful) 113

We’ve made thoughtful tweaks to the interface to give Firefox a streamlined feel. You’ll also notice bigger, bolder design elements as well as more space for viewing the Web.

Translation: We tried to hide more buttons and functionality from users with Firefox 40, but in the end people complained about the lack of a field to enter addresses into and the removal of the back button. Users, tsk, tsk... Rest assured that in the future we will continue to add more useful buttons and features like Pocket and voice chat.

The Firefox "UX" Team

In all seriousness the "new look" for Windows 10 doesn't look all that different from FF 38 that I've been using for months in the Tech Preview. I can't wait to try and find what other menus, options and functionality they have "designed" out of FF 40.

Comment 8800 desktop series cards as well (Score 1) 27

Or a bump gated 8800 series desktop card, I know several people with dead cards. I was following the issue pretty closely and I never heard of Nvidia setting with desktop card makers to provide them funds to replace people's dead desktop cards, I only saw them give money to companies that made laptops.

Comment Re:Wasn't that DirectX or XNA? (Score 1) 66

Personally I'd like to buy a game via my PC or mobile device and have it delivered to my XBox. Kind of like the method for buying music.

This functionality has been implemented for a while now with Xbox One if you have the Power Mode set to instant on. I've purchased games or selected demos via web browser on my PC or Smartglass on my phone and the games were downloaded automatically.

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