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Comment Re:I for one... (Score 2, Funny) 137

1) Fill a cookie tray with water
2) Pepper the top of the water in order to *see* the movements of the surface tension
3) Carefully place a small amount of soap in the center of the tray
4) Watch the pepper scatter to the edges of the pan as the tension breaks

fixed that for you

Submission + - Salt water as a new alternative fuel source? (

dstiggy writes: A new alternative fuel source may have been discovered using the most abuntant material on earth, salt water. It seems that while investigating methods to desalinate water, Jon Kanzius managed to use an RF generator to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water. Upon igniting it continued to burn as long as the RF field was present in the water. At least the article seems to admit that this may take a lot more energy that what burning hydrogen would create. Take this article well salted!

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