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+ - Hackers Compromise ICANN, Access Zone File Data System 2

Submitted by Trailrunner7
Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "Unknown hackers were able to compromise vital systems belonging to ICANN, the organization that manages the global top-level domain system, and had access to the system that manages the files with data on resolving specific domain names.

The attack apparently took place in November and ICANN officials discovered it earlier this month. The intrusion started with a spear phishing campaign that targeted ICANN staffers and the email credentials of several staff members were compromised. The attackers then were able to gain access to the Centralized Zone Data System, the system that allows people to manage zone files. The zone files contain quite bit of valuable information, including domain names, the name server names associated with those domains and the IP addresses for the name servers.

ICANN officials said they are notifying any users whose zone data might have been compromised."

Comment: Re:How about NOT demanding a credit card upfront (Score 1) 103

Correct. However, where I work we have a number of os x devices. Went I went to Microsoft to download their FREE remote desktop app (http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-ca/app/remote-desktop/051f560e-5e9b-4dad-8b2e-fa5e0b05a480), I was redirected to the App Store. Fortunately I had a copy of MRD from an earlier installation. It worked fine just copying it to another mac.

+ - Bolivia Accuses Austria of kidnapping its President in search for Snowden->

Submitted by Mike Lape
Mike Lape (2905287) writes "The Bolivian President's plane was searched for Snowden in Austria after it had to land there due to France and Portugal both refusing the plane access to their airspace.

The Bolivian plane, which was taking Morales home from an energy conference in Moscow, was stranded at Vienna airport for several hours after Portugal and France refused to allow it to fly through their airspace. The search found that Snowden was not onboard and the plane eventually left Vienna about noon on Wednesday.


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Comment: Re:Explanations (Score 0) 298

by dsmithhfx (#43196711) Attached to: Why Trolls Win With Toxic Comments
The conclusions drawn by the TFA are far from proven, albeit based on some kind of "research" (it is claimed). Arguably, the phenomenon, and the issues it raises are at least an order of maginitude more complex, as comments here have amply demonstrated. "Trolls" may serve a useful social purpose after all, because they may provoke reflection on many levels including: the rightness of one's assumptions, awareness of the trolls' pov/talking points (always useful), the trolls' (possibly hidden) agenda, state of mind/mental health, one's own capacity to be easily provoked to anger by something that ought to be ignored or regarded as merely a source of transitory amusement, a challenge that calls for a witty riposte. The possibilities are almost limitless. I believe the 'success' of trolling as a strategy of discourse is highly overrated by TFA, and ephemeral at best.

Felson's Law: To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.